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Hi i am 17 years old my penis size is like 4 75 inches erect can someone please

can some one tell me tht is maturbation once a day ok or not ?



its an okay size so just put up with it, or u kud just be a l8 bloomer.. and yes masturbate all you want. BTW it does sound like ur a l8 bloomer, email me if u have any qs. im 17 and i was a real l8 bloomer and my penis all of a sudden grew to b 7″ hard!


I guess it a little below average. But as long as you can erect, intercourse, and have orgasm. You’re alright.


Size doesn’t matter, you can achieve and sustain erection long enough to bring her to orgasm, that is important! Good luck!
Don’t be obsessed with the frequency of the masturbation. Do it when you have the urge. It’s OK.


you an inch and a quarter shorter than average, but as long as it functions properly


i have a guy friend who is like 3 in erect.. soo yea.. he wacks it all the time.. so i guess its ok.. :]


i suppose mine is only 6in erect and im 16 it depends on which stage in puberty ur at and genetics


Size does not really matters.What matters is the way you use it.