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Hi friends I want to tone my muscles and increase height Plz help me ?



You have not mentioned your age. Any way, I am 57 and I also want to grow taller by couple of inches. At this time, I am 5x5x140. The best thing for you would be hanging exercises. There are some pulling exercises as well. But you must make up your mind firm. Once you should start, keep up until you reach your desired goal. Keep your aim high rather than your height and things will get better down the road. And most important of all things, be happy with what you have been blessed in life. Good luck. Hope this helps.


i haerd that if you sleep in a completly dark room, it can make you grow faster.


keep dreaming short stubby and ugly.


Do as I did, I joined the Royal Marine reservists for a year and they pretty much did it for me. Of course if this isnt an option then one of the best things you can do is join a Gym, get to your local LA fitness and they’ll ask you what you want to improve on and give you a dynamic training regiment to work on.
Otherwise, another way of doing it is to do 30 pushups a night before you shower, you’ll notice results in a week, and after this start on sit ups, stomach crunches etc.
there really is no substitute for resistence training though, find something vaguely heavy, and find some way of incorporating an upright row into it.
Good luck, its not easy but if you’re willing to stick with it for some time then you’ll notice fantastic results.