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Hi dear sir i am a male 45 yers old i have ringing in my ear and pain in my feet

hi dear sir,i am a male,45 yers old,i have ringing in my ear and pain in my feet, my blood presure is 90-130,please tell me what shuld be this problem



sounds like you fell down and tumbled, like fell out of a truck?


i would report to the nearest emergency room just based off of the blood pressure reading (how did you take it?)
the bottom number (diastolic) is your heart at REST and shouln’t be any higher than 90-95 (normal is 80). yours is extrememly high and needs to be evaluated.
call your regular dr or have someone take you to the nearest emergency room. if you don’t have anyone who can take you-call 911


Your blood pressure is only slightly elevated and nothing to panic about but you should see a doctor because early treatment is the best idea. The ringing in the ear is Tinnitus which is generally not treatable despite the claims of herbalists although research is being done.
For more information, check the web sites listed.