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HGH? Human Growth Hormone?

Im really thinking of getting that HGH in spray form. I was talking with a person from the website with Live Assistance and she said that people usually grow 1-3 inches taking the HGH.
I am 18 years old and 9 months old my height is 5 11″ and I want to take it just to grow hopefully to 6 1″ which has been my goal even before I found out about the HGH. I have always thought of 6 1″ being the best height for me. Before I knew about the HGH I was looking at Kimi which are those shoe things but Im still skeptical about doing anything. I just dont know if Im going to grow anymore.
My mom is pretty short she is around 5 2″ and my dad is around 6 1″ maybe 6 2″ but I keep thinking that Im not going to grow since people say that male stop growing usually around 17 and a half years old. So what do you think should I try anything?



please wait. my father grew four inches in college. he is 6’3.


hgh, wont do much for you now.. its pretty much a steriod and works with your hormones. it willjust make you bigger. its relaly used effectivly with children who are very short since you can alter their growth at that age with medications. since you are already done with growth spurts the drug will not do much. the lady just told you if would work to sell you the product. if youre really intersted then see a doctor, he can perscribe it for you


well using hgh to grow so U can be taller is stupid sorry but it is. it is very expensive and it may be harmfull to your health later on in life i would jest be happy wit watcha got and hgh waz created for people who really need it not guys who wanna be taller


Hello there…I know a little about HGH because I take the synthetic injections for a pitutiary problem. Its not available in any other form other than injections and costs around $1200 a month. In other words, that “spray” you are thinking of taking is a SCAM. As for reaching any more height at age 18…not gonna happen. GH (the real stuff) only works during puberty and it is probably too late for you. 5′ 11 is a great height…why would you consider messing with your hormones?


You are way too far over the eligible height range. You have to have a projected height of less than 5′ for males and 4’9″ for females to get the perscription.~GL


wot problem with ya height seem normal.my daughter was on hgh for a few yrs.she is 4″ft did squwat for her.


ya just Waite and guys don’t stop growing en tel were 21ish


I’m 1,95 m. I don’t know what that is in inches and i’m only 16, whahaha!!