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HEYYY GUYS What birthday present would you rather get from your girlfriend?

A pair of concert tickets to one of your favorite bands OR something such as clothes, electronics, material things, etc. ?
p.s. Yes, i know this should be put in “Singles and Dating,” but this category has a whole lot more guys! 🙂



In either situation if give him concert tickets or buy him stuff, but the greatest gift is spending time with you. My opinion is the concert tickets.


electronics I guess but whatever happened to spending the night with him


my man said tickets to a concert or a sporting event don’t feel bad if he doesn’t bring you to the game but if hes huge into video games get him the newest game out he keeps talking about


differs. id rather get the tickets cuz if its my favorite band, id enjoy myself and then have the memories.


Get the tickets plan the whole event and make it a surprise for him. Make it a birthday memory that he will never forget. It will show him that you know what he likes.


actually, i would rather spend the night with my girlfriend, and get the tix if anything… i think he might be fine without anything if you guys just have fun. be classy and get him a small card or something with something sweet or an inside joke in it to personalize it.
make him a card maybe. just get him something small and creative and he will love it… just go with your instinct if that aint enough…


good concert tickets
and some oral sex


Concert tickets because I will always remember a concert. Clothes wear out. Things break. I always like an experience over something material.


I’ll take clothes or electronics. But what ever happened to that “special” see through birthday present that my dad keeps telling me about.


Well there is nothing better than my girl and me in a baseball game so get him a pair of tix for a game of the sport he likes the most honestly is the best when my girl shares the same sports passion i do its fun and then after wards he might treat you out to some nice dinner remember its not all about receiving but also giving