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Hey My penis has these weird kind of lumps on it its kind of like a swelling un

and it hurts. ive never had sex or anything. only masturbated. is it just that its swollen from masturbating and it will heal?



If you went too rough, yes, it’s possible that its caused by masturbation. Give it a few days and see how it goes. It should improve. Just wash it throughly, too. Although it would help if you provided more details (e-mail me from my profile if you’d like…)


Go see your doctor.


srry bro u should see a doc u might have jerked a lil to hard and broken the tissue under neath and thats a serios thing so please go see a doc


I would do as suggest and see a doctor. It may feel embarrasing but they usually see much worse than what you have so don’t feel embarrased or bad. Lumps are abnormal. it should mostly be smooth except for the natural changes of the skin. try looking it up in google! yahoo health, msn health, webmd are really good resources.
good luck.


You probably bruised it. Ease up try to rest it for a week, I know that sounds like a long time but that is how long it takes for a bruise to heal. If it gets painful go to the dr. ~GL