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Hey im 15 years old and my penis size is 7 1 is that big?and how come it looks b

About the mirror when i look in it my penis looks so much bigger, is that real or fake, is it really bigger in the mirror or an illusion?but yeah im 15 and its 7.1 i want to have sex with my girlfreind but im afriad she will think its to small. is it or will it be good enough for her
i am also 6.2 so does it look smaller beacause im taller?



I did the same thing freshman year in college. I thought i was going to have mad girls there , it didn’t work out like that though. I was scared that 7 inches was small myself since I watched, OK watch a lot of porn. You will be just right for most girls.


not small.. your young anyways. dont rush into anythings.. and if you do. use protection dude


yea it’s okay


7.1 is big you shouldn’t be afraid it’s too small. And it looks bigger in the mirror because of the angle of it. If you look straight down it doesn’t look huge, but the angle shows the side view.


You should be PROUD of what you have, dont be embarrassed, be proud and stand proud, thats normal for you and your age! you have nothing to worry about!


laughin my booty off @ you, why would you measure it>>> and I suppose you are lucky to be well endowed but heres the bummer, for you anyway, is still laughin.its not going to get much bigger and you should be more worried about what you wanna be when you grow up…is still laughing…stay in school and always wear protection cuz it wont do you any good to be 7″ if like 5 of those fall off, still laughin about the .1 …7.1 come on now.still laughing, you kids have a good summer adn stay outta trouble


You’re still young, don’t have sex yet, wait 3 more years!
You’re thing is big enough, since you’re 15 y/o, and 6’2 tall.
I’m 18 and mines 8.5 now top that! ; P
Ps: I’m also 6’2 tall!


Hey man.. alright.. well I’m 15, 6’2″ height and 6.5 inches. 5 – 7 is the average size for 15 years old. Your gf shouldn’t CARE how big it is, it’s not the size, but how hell you can use it. About the mirror, it does look bigger because when males usually look at them, they are looking down. so looking from 1 direction would make is seem smaller than what it usually is. From the mirror, you conclude an overall length and size and so is the true image. I think you should do well. Good luck.


First get a good flat mirror, then a pair good glasses, get your tape checked and then measure again.
Remember, always measure twice and cut once.
Also, the more you exercise a muscle, the bigger it gets.


Well, personally I prefer them to be atleast 8 inches, PREFERABLY longer, but I’m sure your girlfriend will appreciate your penis just the way it is. I mean, better 7.1 inches than 5, at least your penis isn’t miniscule, like my ex-boyfriends, Gary and Martin. I swear, his was only 4 inches! I broke up with him after that. Anyway, I wouldn’t worry, I suppose I could put up with 7 inches. But I can get any guy I want.


Considerably larger than average. Of course, everyone has their own idea of what is “average”, but a true scientific average for male adults is actually 5.7 inches.


dont worry! you are plenty big, also i have no idea why it looks bigger in the mirror (lol mine looks huge in the mirror)


Its an ok size so go for it


dang thats a nice tool
if your gf says its small shes lying because average is about 5-6 inches


You should ask your parents or relative. Or better yet, go read a book about adolescents at the library, under health.
And you shouldn’t be having sex with anyone til you are 18 and over. You will be charged for date rape.
Play with your own balls, unless you want a police record at this early of age that states you as a sex offender. Hard to find a comfortable place to live with such a record.
Get to know your girl other ways, as a person, her personality, her attitude, her character and play it safe.