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Hey i m hitting puberty HELP ?

hey i have tiny sprouts of armpit hair, and about 1 inch long pubic hair, which is starting to grow to the waist. I know i’m hitting puperty, but what is next. Is it voice change?Help me please,Thanks.



Just roll with it.Make good choices about your diet and pay more attention when washing,especially your face(to fight of the zits).It’s gonna happen so just roll with it and make the best out of it with good choices and common sense.


your mileage may vary.


omg! my pubes are 2” long . it differs for everyone. zits! more sweat and body odor. pretty much your hormones go wild.


usually then u will start gettin horny 4 no apparent reason at the worst possible times. hope u can hide it


welcome to world of manhood.u r voice may become coarse.donot worry unless u r a singer.c a doc if u r one.


growing taller voice change all for the better usually hits around 13 pretty soon you ll be a man how awesome but many mood and personality changes watch out puberty can be a struggle especially for you mom


If you didn’t grow yet, then you’ll grow. Your voice should be changing already. Be ready to shave, too.


Masterbation will happen next ( when u do it sperm wil come out )