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Hey i am 16 an dont havemuch pubic hair or any underarm hair is this normel?




It is genetic.


call it a blessing. lots of hair on a man is a big turn off for most women. I dated a man who was 23 and he had no hair on his chest. It was nice and smooth. Then my ex husband was full of black hair, that was gross and he refused to let me shave it off his chest and back. Be thankful you do not have a lot of hair. Some boys along with girls just do not grow much hair and that is normal.


i dont think so..
but look at it this way, theres less to shave :]


~Yes, it’s very NORMAL. Having small patches of it is a good thing. Enjoy it while you can. Soon enough, you’ll have more hair than you want.
You can’t rush hormones. ~


just wait. it will come! one day you’ll go “wow where did this come from?” good luck


yes, that is normal. because that is heredity. probably your mom or dad doesnt have much pubic hair too.
some people have their pubic hair as early as 14 yrs old. like my friend.
so dont worry.thats normal.


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its not that bad. no one cares about pubic hair and im sure most ladies dont find armpit hair too attracting.


some guys are not hairy at all, I’m smooth all over and have very little hair under my arms besides girls and some guys likes a guy with a clean pubic area.
I’m not sure what exactly what – dirtyezi0 was saying as an answer but it sure put a smile on my face… lol


each person is different. Guys start puberty at different ages and some guy’s get hair early and some get hair later. You are a little later than most but its nothing to worry about. And being not-hairy is in right now. Lots of guys are getting laser surgery to look like you.


It is normal for you, and that is ok. If you do not see a change between 17 and 18 talk to your doctor.