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Hey have you ever ?

Hey have you ever had a wet dream, I mean I’ve heard about them but I’ve never had one.
If yes what it feels like?
what were you dreaming when you had it?



I never had one cause I masturbated too much


a wet dream may simply be a dream
of your sexual desires
and a dream is simply your mind organizing your thoughts
and i think a wet dream
is also the same as nocturnal emmissions
when you have to much semen and your body
gets rid of it in the night
didnt you have health


nope i jack (no pun intended)off all the time so no semen during the night


wet dreams are whn u dont masturbate and the sperms builds up and has to realese it through a dream normally about sex or wht ever stuimulates u
whn u wake up u will find tht thy can be a little messy and stick to ure underwear


It’s many years ago, I had some . Sometimes I dreamed of playing with the girl who I loved secretly. Sometimes I just dreamed about woman’s genitalia.


I’ve never had one either. I can guess what guys who have had them were dreaming about though.. can’t you?


ooh wanna know a good idea? if you start masturbating, then you’ll stop getting wet dreams. When you masturbate, make sure you masturbate in your boxers/briefs so that when your mom asks, just say u had a wet dream. lol, am i genius or what?


I had one. I don’t remember dreaming at all. The orgasm woke me and I was wet with cu m. It felt fantastic.


Try thinking a lot about sex before you go to sleep, maybe even bring your self to almost ejaculating, then stop. You might then have one when you are asleep. Sometimes you wake up from erotic dreams, wet or about to explode, sometimes you wake up in the am with a wet spot from pre-ejaculate, or maybe a full ejaculation and don’t remember any “dream” as one may not have even occurred–just a physical reaction while you sleep.


I was dreaming about having sex with a guy and he was giving me head, it felt as if he swallowed my load except my underwear got gooey.