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HEY condoms?

guys what brand/size/kind of condom do you perfer at he age of 16-18? just wondering idk what kind to buy?



i really like the new trojan elexa. they are kinda expensive, but so worth it. they have no taste, if you get my drift


just get trojans..
..and good call for using protection.
p.s. don’t listen to jesus’ butt buddy below me. just be safe!
climax control is for those with premature ejaculation problems. i used ‘extended pleasure’ condoms once cause, well, who doesn’t want extended pleasure, right?
anyway, i couldn’t get off. it numbs your rod to make you last longer, and if you don’t need the extra help, it just keeps you from enjoying it..


Anything small.
Kids shouldn’t be fooling around at that age anyway. NOt until you’re married.


It’s about to you the best brand is trojans and the size is how big your penis is and that’s up to you…


Well, I’m a girl…but I like the ribbed kind, or try different flavors those can be fun.
My best advice:
No matter what kind, what color, what flavor
Just wear one every single time!!
(Even if she says she is on the pill)


Just pick one, they all kind of hurt, they all break. Always buy lubricated. My wife liked the ones with the little ridges for extra pleasure.


trojans, regular size, with lubrication. No need to get Magnums because only abou 5% of the population actually needs them. Regular condoms can easily fit almost any size.


you need to buy the size that fits, obviously. Trojan brand is best quality. 🙂 im pretty sure we always buy lubricated magnum xl…but then again my bf is big so …


Here are two you may like it’s kinda a try and see thing. but these I sue #1 Premium #2 Desire – which is ribbed…


I think they’re pretty much one-size fits all. I know they have “large size” but I think that’s just marketing, and definitely not necessary for 99.99% of the popualtion.
Pick one with lubrication, it makes everything go a little easier. The spermicidal stuff can cause allergic-type irritation sometimes so approach that with a bit of caution. Brand? I think they all have the same reliability tests done, just get it from the drug store and not a vending machine in a rest room.


Condom size is a joke. Guys buy XL and Magnums to pump themselves up. I’ve seen a small size condom stretched over someones head. You name one person in this world that has a penis bigger then a human head. And ill kiss your a**!
As on the brand. You need to just try diffrent kinds until you find what you like. Most people prefer lubracated. With Spermacide.
There is also no need in buying “flavors” unless you are going to be having oral sex.
There is also no need in buying Glow-In-The-Dark. They look like a good idea on the shelf. But these have runined alot of peoples good time. When a man is walking back from the light switch and all you see is a penis walking in the dark, you cant help but bust out laughing. And most men dont like your laughing at there penis.