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What you need to know about tooth sensitivity?

  1. Causes of Tooth Sensitivity
  2. How can one treat sensitivity in tooth?
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The actually name of Tooth Sensitivity is Dentin Hypersensitivity and in short it can be said that it caused by dentin which is caused on the root of the tooth areas being exposed because of periodontal disease and receded gums. It is very common and almost everyone has heard about it. This is because it is said that 5 out of 10 people suffers from tooth sensitivity and the causes of it. As the discomforts which is associated with teeth sensitivity comes and goes thus not many people realises that they have sensitive tooth. If you happen to feel a aching or tingling sensation in your teeth whenever you drink or eat hot or cold food and drinks or if you happen to drink or eat anything acidic in nature or breath in cold air, then it must be the case that you have sensitive tooth and you are in need of tooth sensitivity treatment.
tooth sensitivity

1Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

There can be a number of reasons which can cause tooth sensitivity. Some of the reasons which no one expects are –

  • Too much brushing with force or with a tooth brush which have hard bristled
  • eating too much food which is acidic in nature
  • using too much mouthwash
  • decaying around the edge of your fillings
  • presence of too much plaque
  • poor oral hygiene in general
  • chipping or cracking of tooth
  • Most people are not aware about this, but the fact is that tooth sensitivity after filling is a very common thing. People think that as soon as they will get a filling done, their dental problem will go away but what they do not know that they in turn now have to deal with tooth sensitivity. This is because after this procedure there is a chance for infection which causes the sensitivity. Besides this, there is also another way recent filling of teeth can cause sensitivity. The silver in the amalgam sometime conducts with cold which result in transmission of this to dental pulp and thus causing sensitivity.
  • Tooth sensitivity after whitening is one of the most overlooked tooth sensitivity causes. In this type of dental procedure, many different types of chemicals are there and it is discovered that not everyone’s teeth are capable of handling it. Some may be sensitive to these chemicals and as a result they can have sensitivity problems in their teeth. Here it is also important to mention that using whitening toothpaste can also cause sensitive tooth too because of the presence of similar types or same types of chemicals in the toothpaste. If you have sensitive tooth then your whitening procedure or your whitening toothpaste can be the reason.
  • Another reason which can cause tooth pain sensitivity can be root canal dental procedure. Yes, this is true, tooth sensitivity after root canal is a very common thing actually but unfortunately not many are aware of this. There can be a lot of reason why root canal procedure alone can cause sensitivity in tooth and infection and inflammation of natural tissue are the more common cause. There are many doctors who warn about this and with proper care the situation can be averted very easily as the treatment for sensitivity in teeth is actually very easy.

2How can one treat sensitivity in tooth

The cure for tooth sensitivity is actually very easy. There is the option to use over the counter toothpaste which fights sensitivity. There are a lot of good company’s which has been selling toothpaste for many years and are trusted my many consumers, you can choose the sensitivity toothpaste of such a company. You can also see a dentist for your dental issue and use the toothpaste which they will recommend as there are many tooth pastes available in return for a prescription only.

Besides these, you have the option to use fluoride too. What it does is that it makes the tooth enamel strong after its application and also reduces any type of type of pain which the patient is experiencing. This application is usually done by a doctor but he or she might also write a prescription for it so that you can use at home.

As you know, mainly an exposed area can cause sensitivity in teeth and thus you have the option to do the procedure of bonding. What it does is that it covers the exposed surface of root with the help of boding resin. You can search for a good dentist who will easily take care of this.

Besides these, there is the option of surgical gum graft if the gum is the reason for sensitivity in teeth. If you have a place in your mouth where there is a loss of gum tissue then gum tissue from somewhere else in your mouth will be taken and surgically placed in that area which will immediately reduce tooth sensitivity. So, now you know what actually is this sensitivity of teeth and what are the causes of it. Besides these, you also know that it is very common and thus if you think that you have sensitive teeth then it will be best to go to a dentist discuss the treatment method mentioned to see which one is for you.