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  1. The causes of osteolysis
  2. Symptoms of osteolysis
  3. Treatment of osteolysis


a rare disease that is characterized by spontaneous progressive resorption of bone.

The causes of osteolysis

The origin of progressive osteolysis has not been fully elucidated. Disappear can different parts of the skeleton, the vertebrae, scapula, clavicle, ribs, jaw, in some cases, bones of the skull base. Lose for well-formed bones, which rejects the theory of the origin of the pathology due to malformation of the bone. Researchers are inclined to the assumption that the disease causes osteodystrophy, probably due to autoimmunization bone tissue.

Category osteolysis

  • congenital
  • purchased
  • traumatic
  • inflammatory
  • tumor
  • primary
  • secondary
  • metabolicdisease.

The disease begins with osteoporosis. After thinning of the bones happens to be a pathological fracture. Osteolysis develop at any age. In the process of expansion of the pathology of the joints are not an obstacle for the transition of osteolysis on the other dice. In the process of progressive disease not excluded periods of remission, and after the further process. Sometimes it happens the defeat of the neighbouring connective-tissue structures of the intervertebral ligaments, the walls of the aorta, etc.

Symptoms of osteolysis

The main clinical manifestation of osteolysis pathological fracture, which is not fused. The fracture affects the dysfunction of the limb or of the division of the skeleton. The pain occurs only during exercise. The course of the disease depends on the localization of the affected areas. Progressive osteolysis of the spine will cause deformation of the spine and chest and gradual increase of pain. Accordingly, the bone lesions of the pelvis or the lower extremities will lead to a breach of the support functions.

The main method of diagnosis of osteolysis x-ray examination, and several laboratory tests of blood and urine.

Treatment of osteolysis

Practiced symptomatic treatment. In some cases, benefit from the creation of DC electric fields through implanted in the bone of the electrodes. Also, a surgical treatment is resection of the bone with replacement of defective area.

For the timely diagnosis and treatment of osteolysis need to contact an experienced podiatrist. To find the best specialist in your town and make an appointment for an appointment via the website