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How to treat bulimia

  1. Symptoms and signs of disease
  2. How to treat bulimia

    Bulimia an eating disorder, manifested in uncontrollable cravings for food against the desire to control their weight and volume. Manifested in the form of bouts of overeating and an immediate, radical cleansing of the body from the food (an attack of bulimia). The frequency of occurrence of attacks of illness may be different from 5-10 times per month in the form of light, up to 5-8 times a day for severe bulimia.

    Symptoms and signs of disease

    In contrast to similar eating disorders


    does not have pronounced symptoms of development. The main problem in detection of the disease is that bulimic (bulimic patient) refuses to acknowledge the existence of problems and takes uncontrolled gluttony, lack of will power. Signs allowing to define the development of disease in themselves or a loved one

    • the constant concern of the level of their own weight and appearance
    • periodic fluctuations in the behavior from strict restrictions in food to absorb it in large quantities
    • frequent change of moods, depression
    • the deteriorating health, persistent problems in the digestive tract
    • manifests dehydration
    • the violation of the periodicity of the menstrual cycle.

    It is known that the primary manifestation of bulimia is an attack upon the occurrence of which the patient completely loses control over their own food behaviors. Thus, at one time, may be used a huge amount of food. The patient with bulimia during an attack usually eat without satiety until until you feel pain in the stomach. But even then, the feeling of satiety does not appear, and is replaced by an irresistible impulse acquisitions, comes the guilt. Then, wanting to get rid of the acquired calories, bulimic uses vomiting, laxatives, diuretics.

    Bulimic patients themselves consider this method a panacea for the set of unwanted weight is the result of moments of weakness. However, few of them know that, until provoked by the rejection of food by the body (vomiting, for example), to 50% of the absorbed is already absorbed in the stomach wall. And given the fact that, during the attack, the patient can drink up to 2 kg of food, it still leads to excess weight.

    Externally, the bulimia manifested in the following several characteristics

    • significant fluctuations in weight over a short period of time
    • binding disappearance in the bathroom after bouts of overeating
    • calluses and abrasions on the back of the hand
    • the odor of vomit from his mouth
    • tainted, darkened tooth enamel
    • swollen eyelids and cheeks.

    How to treat bulimia

    Self cure bulimia, in the case of its diagnosis, it is impossible.

    The opinion of a person suffering from bulimia that his problems with bouts of overeating just a matter of weak character and will power a profound mistake.

    to cure bulimia, in the case of its diagnosis, it is impossible. This is tantamount to attempts of deliverance from drug, alcohol or drug dependence, because food bulimia the same object of desire, like alcohol is to an alcoholic.

    In case of suspicion for the development of bulimia should seek help from a qualified technician, often even to several. And the sooner the decision is to seek specialized help, the less you can do.

    Treatment for bulimia involves three main areas

    • medication
    • psychotherapy
    • dietotherapy.

    The greatest effect in the treatment of bulimia is a combination of all three methods of treatment. Drug treatment includes a range of antidepressants

    reducing the frequency of attacks of bulimia due to the beneficial effects on the nervous system of the patient. In the case of treatment to the doctors at a late stage of the disease, may also need assistance

    treatment and procedures of the digestive system.

    A method of psychotherapy plays a huge role in the treatment due to the psychological nature of the disease. In the early stages of bulimia, it is possible to cope with a complex of psychotherapeutic measures. This complex includes continuous monitoring and advice from a professional

    with the use of interpersonal and cognitive – behavioral therapy. The aim of these therapies is

    • to teach the patient to avoid exhausting diets
    • to remove or reduce the claims to your body
    • determine the causes that provoke the attacks and learn to counter them.

    The main conditions of diet with bulimia are regular meals during the day, no snacking between meals, a gradual decrease in the volume of portions, replace high-calorie foods for vegetables and fruits.

    In combination with psychological treatment, the patient prescribed

    that will help to establish and to regulate the diet of bulimia. The main conditions of diet with bulimia are regular meals during the day (three meals) , no snacking between meals, a gradual decrease in the volume of portions, replace high-calorie foods for vegetables and fruits.

    Treatment for bulimia at home

    Treatment for bulimia generally do not require inpatient observation, except in severe forms of the disease. Therefore, after the preparation with the doctors in charge of individual treatment, the patient is sent to cure bulimia at home. Treatment in addition to diet and medication, will include a mandatory exercise to raise self-belief, the support of her family, setting daily goals for improving health.

    There are also some folk remedies for treatment of bulimia which can be used alongside conventional medicine. These include

    • garlic tincture
    • the infusion of mint and parsley
    • infusion of wormwood
    • a decoction of maize stigmas
    • Flaxseed oil
    • a decoction of plums and figs
    • a decoction of celery.

    Recipes the most effective in the fight against disease remedies presented below. They help how to relieve bouts of hunger, and to resume the normal functioning of the stomach.

    Garlic tincture

    Three garlic cloves of medium size need to clean and chop on a grater or push. Then pour 50 ml of warm (20-30 degrees) water and infuse for 10-12 hours. Drink 1 tablespoon before bedtime.

    The infusion of mint and parsley

    Make a dry mixture of mint leaves and parsley in equal proportions and grind to a fine powder. Tablespoon of the mixture pour a glass of hot water, to insist half an hour and drink.

    A decoction of plums and figs

    Plums (250 g) and figs (250 g) must be ground in a blender, cover with water (3l) and put on a slow fire. Cook until obtaining a volume of 500 ml. decoction take 100 ml 4 times a day.

    A decoction of celery

    The leaves and stalks of celery (20 g), pour a glass of hot water and bring to boil. Keep on heat for 10-15 minutes, drain, divided into three parts. Drink one portion before eating.