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Home Remedies For Toothaches Fight Back Sore Tooth


  1. Taking care of your teeth
  2. Home remedies for Toothache
  3. Here are the top ten remedies for severe tooth ache and gum pain:
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A tooth is the hardest part in our body. The bones can also get charred in fire, but the thing that remains intact besides the navel is the teeth. It stays on without any such damage. But this tenacity and hardness often makes us forget our responsibility towards these pristine white teeth. Yes they really need to be taken care of. Because these teeth can easily come off loose from the gum if proper care is not taken. Tooth ache can be painful if not taken care of properly. Home remedies for toothache is a good way to save you from the pain. The teeth are a vital part of our body. Not only do they help us chew the food and make it digestible but also make us look beautiful. Just give it a thought. Look at the aged woman on your left and then at the younger one on your right. Did you see the difference? The former with no teeth clinging to her jaw gives a very gloomy expression while the latter with a nice pair of shiny white teeth portrays life. So which one do you want to be?

1Taking care of your teeth

It is thus important to take care of your teeth. In our hectic life we often forget to take care of these pristine set of teeth. And what is the result? Well, that is very obvious. With all the high amount of junk food that we tend to stuff ourselves, nowadays, the very natural thing to occur is our teeth being attacked by cavity as these are the toothache causes. These cavities are formed on the teeth due to continuous deposition of food particles that get stuck in between the teeth and the gums and these are which results in primary toothache causes. These pains include the common tooth infection and gum pain. And when they attack you they make sure that they make your life a living hell. These toothaches are something that will give sleepless nights. So be prepared with the remedies and cures. If you are not so well versed, all you need to do is log in to YouTube and browse through the numerous videos on home remedies for toothache.
This is a complete video on the several tooth sensitivity issues and their cure. You can get all the ingredients at your arms reach and without any hassle you can make these work wonders on your tooth sensitivity and get cured.

2Home remedies for Toothache

Ever had an experience of that sudden pull on your gums and that excruciating pain that sears through your jaw as a tooth infection occurs? If you have, then you must know how helpless one feels. Not only does it affect teeth and the gums but the pain extends to the ear as well. If such a thing happens you can hardly stand still. So for the good of everyone, it is really helpful if you know these home remedies for toothache that will assist you in lessening pain during emergencies.

3Here are the top ten remedies for severe tooth ache and gum pain:

Salt and pepper – These two ingredients can be really helpful especially when the tooth get really sensitive. All one has to do is mix both of them with some water droplets to form a paste. Employ it on the sensitive area and leave it for a few clicks (mins). Do this regularly and see the results.
Home remedies for Toothache
Garlic – This is another useful toothache fighting agent. It contains both medicinal as well as antibiotic elements which eliminated bacteria accumulated in the tooth. Crush or grind the thing with some salt and put it on the effected spot. Chewing them is also good as it renders the same thing. So this continuously for a few days and see the difference.

Cloves – They are the most popular among toothache remedies. They have several anti-bacterial elements which relieve one from toothaches. Just grind it and using some olive oil or vegetable oil put it on the painful area. Use it for a few days and witness the difference

Onions – Another popular element in curing tooth pain. Whenever the pain occurs, chew some onion pieces for a few clicks. If the pain is very much then just place that onion piece on the sore tooth and leave it there for a few minutes. Do this consistently and see the change.

Asafetida – Just mix lemon juice with some sprays of asafetida and warm it up slightly. Using a cotton pad apply the mixture to the affected area. This will render quick relief. Follow the link to understand properly
Salty warm water– Just take this mixture and wash the painful area thoroughly. This assists in quick wisdom teeth pain relieve and kills the bacteria which has formulated inside.

Guava leaves – Chewing few leaves of guava is also excellent for tooth pain relief. The juice which is secreted are excellent bacteria fighting elements. One can also put some leaves and water and warm it up. After it cools down add some sugar and employ it as a mouth wash.

Raw spinach – Chewing them is also beneficial for tooth pains. They similarly like guava are excellent for fighting the bacteria which has formulated inside. Do this regularly and see the difference.

Proper hygiene and washing the mouth is also another trick to get relief from tooth aches.