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Eczema on the hands symptoms treatment signs

  1. Signs of eczema
  2. Symptoms and varieties of eczema
  3. Professional eczema

    Eczema on hands is chronic, is characterized as a relapsing inflammation of the papillary layer of the skin and visually takes on the appearance of the rash covered with plenty of erythema and vesicles.

    Also, the disease is called ringworm weeping.

    The disease is widespread. It usually occurs on the face, hands, feet, particularly the feet, but this does not mean that the inflammation can develop in other skin fragments. There is a more severe form of the disease erythroderma, the difference is that the last time struck the entire human skin.

    Signs of eczema

    Symptoms of eczema on hands can be described as continuous education redness of the skin, with sensitive itching, which increases in the case if you start the treatment. After on the infected place can cause edema and vesicles, filled with a substance transparent gray color. Starts itching becomes unbearable, begins to make itself felt a sharp burning sensation, fever skin. A follow-up phase is accompanied by cracking, weeping of the fragments of the most dangerous, because at this time a great opportunity to infect the damaged dermis. A symptom of eczema is rash depending on the kind of eczema the rashes can occur on their properties.

    How to treat eczema on hands? A comprehensive treatment is an important factor for getting rid of eczema on the hands and should include a comprehensive diet, sedatives and medication. Reaction to medicines and the methods each patient carries his own nature.

    How to cure treat eczema on hands? The disease is sensitive to the surrounding environment, UV(sun) rays and water, while medical treatment is strongly advised to avoid prolonged stay under the direct sun and try not to wet hands. Affected by the disease places on hand required to process ointments, close medical dressings or bandages, required to carry the packs, your skin needs to be highly moisturized. For the process of separating the crusts from the wounds are assigned to individual creams. In the treatment of eczema on hands one of the most important stages of treatment is limited, but better and even prohibit the patient at the time of contact with detergents or other chemical rich means to limit and if possible stop the use of soap and do not use hot water when washing.

    It is highly recommended ointment on the basis of antiseptics. When remission is also advised to take various complexes of vitamins for the prevention of exacerbation of the disease.

    Often the Foundation of the disease become nervous stress, depression or disorder, treatment may also include sedatives such as acupuncture and anti-stress therapy. On this day, the medicine offers a method of treatment laser therapy.

    Symptoms and varieties of eczema

    Idiopathic, it has the name true. For this variation of the disease characterized by abrupt onset uniformly affected skin, mostly hands first with the formation of redness, then, on this background, start creating the bubbles and pustules, and vesicles, which later burst and this is followed by the appearance of ulcers and erosions. The skin is damp, almost moist, with the release of the liquid sulfur. After some time, everything dries up and turns into a dense, thick, yellow crust, under it is the process of skin regeneration.

    Feature of the disease is still the fact that infected eczema snippet at one time and may be fragments of the initial erythema, and areas of rash, bursting bubbles, vesicles, eroded surface, and the resulting crust. The main symptom is a true eczema on the hands are constantly striking the skin symmetrically, and mostly it appears on hands, fingers, on the outer sides of the palms and between the fingers, it can be blurred boundaries, but it affects about identical sites on both hands. A property of the stage is a terrible unbearable itching, it can cause nervous disorders and even insomnia and other problems on this basis.

    Microbial eczema is progressing at the site of chronic irritation pyoderma around the affected wounds, scarring, open abrasion. Arise acute inflammatory, demarcated from the normal skin, large and krupnoplastinchatam visokoi and bubbles clearly visible flake of horn coating on the sides that are a part of streptococcal conflict. In addition Sarapul and papulovesicular, weeping erosions on the surface of these formations is formed by a massive layer of purulent crusts. The location of fragments of the solid, without any inclusions of fragments of healthy skin. Education develop in width. Around them there are rare elements of the rash. The number and rasprostranennosti rash can reach a very large scale. Painful itching. Developed root microbial eczema may initially be asymmetric and is often in areas of the lower extremities.

    Professional eczema

    In the first stage, lesions of this form of lesions are located most often in the area of the skin of the hands, and forearms. In the future, they can migrate in completely different, remote from contact with an irritant fragments of the skin. Noticed red spots, points of high humidity, the crust that appears on the edematous skin.

    Professional eczema appears mostly in the open areas of the skin as a reaction to the impact of hazards associated with the professional identity of the patient. The diagnosis is set by profpatologii. Every another aggravation occurs with greater force, longer time and heavier. The improvement comes after the cause of the disease.

    Traditional methods of treating the disease give excellent results when used correctly the properties of plants and herbs. You need to know and remember that very most natural ingredients are not mild allergic agents, this implies that you need to apply them with extreme caution and only after consultation with your doctor.