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  1. Reasons
  2. Symptoms
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Treatment

To diseases of the heart include the syndrome of bullish or any other name –


. The disease is characterized by the fact that all of the heart chambers or one increased in size, due to which the heart cannot effectively pump blood. It should be noted that the disease is not manifest, but is often accompanied by some cardiac disturbances.


The enlargement of the heart refers to the natural processes in some people, particularly athletes or those who often engaged in physical labor. In such cases the heart needs to pump large volumes of blood, resulting in muscle fibers stretch and increase in volume.

But when diagnosed with heart bullish picture is other way of the heart organ to become flaccid and exhausted due to illness, and stretching of muscle fibers does not occur, because I have not enough strength for normal operation. Or enlargement of the heart is observed in hypertension when the body to have necessarily to gain momentum for overcoming of the arisen pressure in the system it also promotes the growth of heart failure, and wear on.

To determine the cause of the increase of the heart can only be experienced doctors, although most doctors only about can call and put such diagnosis.

Today, there are several factors that can be the cause of the disease

  • hypertension
  • kidney disease
  • coronary heart disease
  • viruses and infections affecting the heart
  • the abuse of drugs or alcohol
  • genetic factors, as a symptom sometimes found in newborn children or in utero
  • the development of heart valve abnormalities
  • the effects of pregnancy and childbirth.


Weight gain heart the insidious pathology that is not is marked by certain symptoms. But above all, please be careful, if there is arrhythmia or frequent shortness of breath, swelling or pain in the cardiac region. Most of these symptoms manifest themselves and other heart diseases. To identify the symptoms of an enlarged heart is usually possible only by a medical examination.


An accurate diagnosis can only specialist, but it is necessary to use additional means

  • a blood test
  • imaging
  • chest x-ray
  • cardiac catheterization
  • sometimes a biopsy of the inner surface of heart ventricles.


Only the experience of professionals helped to develop effective methods by which the treatment is carried out. Usually, if a person is found cardiomegaly, treatment begins with the stage of the underlying problem that caused the pathology. That is, if a person suffers from coronary heart disease, the main treatment aimed at eliminating this disease. Moreover, there are both medical and surgical methods.

Thanks to the use of medicines are able to lower blood pressure and excrete superfluous fluid. Surgical intervention helps to repair damaged valves, and improve the health of the blood vessels that supply the heart with oxygen.

The doctor may recommend taking some drugs, among which

  • beta blockers to improve heart function and reduce the pressure
  • diuretics that help to reduce the amount of sodium in the body
  • APF to improve the pumping of the heart
  • anticoagulants to prevent blood clots that lead to heart attack.

Naturally, if medicine will not give any effect, medical procedures or surgery is inevitable. The most common surgical techniques are

  • operation of heart valves is performed, if the problem is caused by the heart valves, in particular, removed a slim flap, which is replaced with the artificial
  • coronary bypass surgery this intervention is recommended if the patient has ischemic heart disease
  • assistive devices for the left ventricle in heart failure may be necessary to implant a special pump that helps the heart
  • devices to control the heartbeat in an enlarged heart used a pacemaker, which coordinates contractions of the heart muscle.

When found enlarged heart, the effects can manifest themselves in different ways, so with the least risk is to pay attention to their health. Lifestyle needs to be healthy, that is, the person should not smoke or consume alcohol. It needs to constantly monitor blood pressure, eat less salt, to engage in appropriate physical activity to lose weight.