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Analysis of rubella

  1. A blood test for antibodies to rubella

    A blood test for antibodies to rubella is carried out in cases where the examination results difficult to diagnose the disease, but also in the planning or in the early stages of pregnancy. Despite the apparent ease of treating the disease, it has its dangers and consequences. Therefore, it is important to know about the presence and level within the body of antibodies against this disease.

    And also to understand how is rubella transmitted and how is manifested to be able to distinguish it from other similar diseases.

    A blood test for antibodies to rubella

    As mentioned above, the direction to be tested for rubella, is given to patients with the imprecise symptoms and are pregnant or planning a baby, women. A blood test for antibodies, blocking rubella during pregnancy is a priority. Its importance stems from the fact that, the occurrence of the disease during pregnancy may lead to abortion or the termination of the development of the fetus. Therefore, when planning for posterity, or at the onset of pregnancy to check the level of antibodies for this disease is in the first place.

    Antibody that allows the human body to resist infectious disease

    refer to the classes


    . Antibodies of class IgM to rubella virus, usually produced in the beginning of the second cycle of the disease. This type of antibodies allows the body to fight the disease.

    Antibodies to rubella virus IgG class produced in the body after an illness or vaccination. They contribute to the confrontation of the organism to repeated infections.

    As for the results of the research, the study must deal directly doctor. In the same case, if for some reason he is unavailable, a transcript of such a test, as the test for rubella, does not rest, the answer can be found in the text.

    Transcript of the study, as the analysis on a rubella conducted during pregnancy, may include the four options. Let’s talk about each of these in detail.

    The benchmark

    The optimal result of the analysis shows contradictory data on levels of antibodies. In this case, the level of antibodies to the disease called German measles, IgG positive and IgM negative class.

    Decoding blood test for antibodies can prevent measles will say that the disease patient is not in danger. The body’s immunity against togavirus strong enough to prevent infection.

    Moreover, the reference is considered to be the variant, in which a blood test for rubella shows that antibodies of class IgG detected and IgM is not, it means that the disease in the near future was not a level of protective reaction high. These antibodies class IgG and IgM to rubella virus and there is a recognized norm.

    A negative result

    It often happens that the analysis on a rubella, conducted when planning a pregnancy, gives a negative result for both classes of antibodies. In other words, in the form received in the lab, most likely, will appear on these results

    • antibodies to rubella virus IgG negative
    • antibodies to rubella virus IgM negative.

    Transcript of testing for antibodies to rubella, which in this case would say that immunity to viruses of the type IgM and IgG antibodies of such diseases as rubella, the patient has no. At the moment a person is healthy, but is susceptible to the disease when the penetration of the virus into the body.

    In that case, if the analysis was carried out to determine immunity before pregnancy, you need to understand that, when the disease, there is a risk of transmission to the child. This suggests the need for vaccination in order to protect the unborn child. moreover, to produce the vaccine you need before the deadline 10-12 weeks of pregnancy.

    A positive result

    The result, in which the level of antibodies of class IgM and IgG antibodies to rubella virus positive raises the question of the plan what this means, in many patients. If a blood test for rubella gave a positive or, in other words, a false positive result in pregnancy, it suggests that the disease was transferred relatively recently. The body has developed immunity to future infections, but the level of antibodies that fought by the disease is still high, which may pose a threat to fetal development.

    In this case, a comprehensive therapy that reduces the level of antibodies of class IgM and support the normal development of the child. When planning pregnancy, the positive result shown by the analysis of antibodies to rubella, speaks of the need to wait to conceive a child for some time.

    A negative result

    Transcript of a negative result, which is a blood test for antibodies that block the rubella conducted during pregnancy, showed the most unpleasant. In this case, the result of the presence of antibodies of class IgG negative and IgM positive. This suggests that immunity to the disease the patient has no. Moreover, an increased level of antibodies of class IgM, it becomes clear that, relatively recently, people were infected with rubella. Moreover, the remoteness of infection, usually can be from three weeks to three months. And it is a very dangerous situation for a normal pregnancy. Therefore, in this case, requires a comprehensive treatment with the constant supervision of specialists.