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Amnestic syndrome

  1. Causes of amnestic syndrome
  2. The symptoms of amnestic syndrome
  3. Treatment of amnestic syndrome

Amnestic syndrome

mental disorder which occurs due to organic brain damage. Characteristics of gross memory disturbances with normal intellectual abilities.

Causes of amnestic syndrome

The disease most often occurs because of the lack of vitamin B1, but the most common cause of the syndrome

. Memory disorder due to the development of amnestic syndrome is also caused by carbon monoxide poisoning, vascular diseases of the brain, tumors of the third ventricle,

. Also amnestic syndrome may trigger any process associated with damage to temporal lobe structures (medial and diencephalic).

The symptoms of amnestic syndrome

Typical symptoms developed amnestic syndrome include

  • memory disorder
  • disorientation in time, location, self
  • loss of critical abilities
  • apathy, lack of initiative.

Formulation of the diagnosis of amnestic syndrome is based on the preservation of human mental activity and certain aspects of behavior. The patient can be attentive, cheerful, sympathetic. It can normally take written information and oral speech, to analyze information, to solve certain problems (as far as memory allows). It is through these signs of a doctor can differentiate amnestic syndrome other mental disorders, in which violations of memory, disturbed mental activity.

Treatment of amnestic syndrome

First you need to identify the cause that provoked a mental disorder and to eliminate it if possible (for example, treated with higher doses of vitamin B1). If the cause of the disorder cannot be prevented, specific treatment you cannot assign medications for memory improvement in this case does not bring effect. Because of this, belinstitute observed chronic syndrome. A favorable prognosis is possible only if the lack of vitamin B1 provided that treatment is started on time.

To ensure timely diagnosis and effective treatment of the amnesic syndrome are capable of a professional therapist. To find a good specialist make an appointment for a consultation using the website