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Has anyone transitioned from opiates vicodin lortab or norco to ultram er 30

I am about to do so today. Just stopped my norco 10/325 yesterday. I was taking about 120 mg per day.



I have tried the Vicodin for back pain, but it never really worked for me. I have used the Ultram for about 7 years (not daily, but as needed) and have had very good results with it. Just be careful, the generic never works for me, I will only use the Ultram itself. I don’t know if that answered your question, but I hope it helps.


Wow that is alot! I was taking about half of that a day when switched to Ultram and I went through some really rough withdrawls. sweats, pain, vomiting… I can imagine your about to go through some of that… good luck to you. I finally had surgery and am in much better health now but I remember how much I hated all those drugs in my system.