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Has anyone seen SICKO – the movie by Michael Moore abt healthcare in the US?

What do you all think of nationwide healthcare for the US? Do you think it’s a good idea?



I just saw it last night on a whim – it was hot outside so wanted some ac. I think Michael Moore has a very biased point of view on most things, but on this one I don’t think he’s totally out of whack. I think in theory we should definitely have nationwide healthcare – the system as it now stands is ridiculous. Unfortunately, I also think it will be ages before this problem gets fixed in the US. Everyone (in general) in the US is so self focused, and this will only get addressed if multitudes of people demand it. The problem with health care is that when you are healthy, it’s not high on your daily priority list, and when your sick, well, your SICK, and who has the energy to lobby congress and change the world when they are sick?So we’re stuck with what we’ve got and that’s the sad truth.


no. & i don’t plan on it. that man gets on my nerves.