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Does depress anyone else?

AH reading all these problems all day long makes me stress about situatuions in my life that i would normally never even think about. i think imma have to say good bye soon.



aww why? there are more categories like math and science that don’t stress people out but actually help them… this site is here to help other people in need that need help or advice from poeple like you and us. so please don’t leave =/.its a natural state of human beings to have problems, if we didn’t we would be perfect and this site would not exist, but since you one of the phew people who signed up to help other people, consider yourself a lucky one to help other people in need, in the same way other people will come to your need. don’t give up! stay positive! and don’t let your problems deter your way to succes!”if the mind of man can belive and concieve, the hand of man can achieve.”- Napoleanso stay happy kk? xD


Yeah, me too. I start to feel sorry for people, and wonder if they ever got help.
On the other hand, sometimes I really count my blessings, and be thankful I don’t have some of the problems people face.


stay away from the topics you know will depress you.go to jokes and riddles or entertainment.I like to answer some of the questions if I think I can help but I don’t stay on it too long.


Maybe you could search in categories such as entertainment, dining out or travel. I know some of the other categories are pretty depressing.


Not really. I am pretty secure in my own life. I am not one to second guess things unless I have a real reason.


lay that mouse down for a while if it is affecting your emotions, hon!


it depresses me 2. i no how u feel.


I like to help others, it doesn’t really depress me to hear about other poeples problems. In some ways it helps to know that I am not alone. Also as I do not see the people themselves I cannot see what they go through I just see the piece of writing helps me to keep detached (but I can also keep detached from my patients, I am a St John volunteer).If reading these posts does stress you out and make you depressed I suggest either restricting the ones you read, the amount you read or just keeping away from them altogether.


doesnt bother me @ all i find things i can relate to and give advice too also.depression was one of the reason i came to this site and its has helped me feel better alot.


Feel lucky that u don’t have these problems. And try to help someone with their dilemma when u can…it’ll make u feel better!