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Does behavior modification tend to concentrate on behavior itself rather than s



Actually, in my experience, it does both. Behavior modification, of which was successful in my own experience in behavior modification, focused first on my reaction to the emotion (fear/anxiety). Once I learned to control my reaction to fear/panic by changing my body’s’ reactions, then it was time to look at and confront the cause. Now, although I take Ativan only as needed, I basically have control over my emotions, or my reaction(s) thanks to psychiatry and psychology.


Hi by behaviour modification what type of modification do you mean. if you are refering to Cognitive-behavioural therapy then probably yes well at least in theory CBT should adress both the behaviours (the actions) and the cognitions that underlies such behaviour (the thinking that accompanies such behaviour) but there is no hard nad fast rule nad it does depend on the type of behaviour thats being chnaged.
Best luck


well it depends on the nature of the problem , we do behavioral modification to mentally retarded kids which doesnt require cognitive behavior, while in some other cases such as avoidance due to anxiety ( social anxiety ) we should address the anxiety feeling as well as the avoidance behavior
so it all goes back to choosing the technique based on the nature of the problem