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Does behavior modification deal with superficial problems?

some people think that it is a simplistic approach which can not encompass the covert,more complex aspects of human behavior. is it correct?



I don’t think so. The Black Scorpion Society, a group of behavioral psychologists, discuss theory in regards to more complex behavioral topics, referencing Skinner’s books such as Verbal Behavior and Walden Two as a basis for the arguments they make.
From a behaviorist perspective, the science of behaviorism relies heavily on ockham’s razor, as when you have to construct a complex explanation for something it hints that you’re building up a structure to support something that can’t stand on it’s own anyway.
The simple basics of behaviorism shouldn’t be looked at as a weakness, but as a strength. It is hard to deny the efficacy of the “simple machines” such as the wheel, the lever, and the fulcrum. So why do we assume that by making something needlessly complex we make it better?


I think so, are you undergoing any kind of behavior modification. Just curious coz you ask a lot of questions on this.