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Does bad anger problems have add and adhd?



Not necessarily.read the book ” Battlefield of the mind ” by Joyce Meyer


Not necessarily. See anger management, and ADD/ADHD, at


That is not necessarily the cause of bad anger problems but people with add and adhd often do have short tempers and exhibit anger, often at inappropriate times. The anger comes from the frustration that they experience due to racing thoughts or confused thoughts. Also, in an educational environment they often become frustrated with their own inability to “sit still” and focus. They may be extremely intelligent but usually are judged otherwise due to their inattention and disruptive behavior.


If you have anger problems, it could be from add or adhd but these illnesses have many other symptoms like an inability to focus attention on anything, racing thoughts, learning disabilities, etc. A person with adhd has a very bad temper and they do not know how to control that anger, so they hurt other people. Often they are physically abusive due to anger problems.
There are extensive tests needed before you know if you’re suffering from add or adhd. Just anger is not enough. I suggest you get counseling or tell your doctor about this problem and he/she can recommend the proper solution.