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Does anyone take both Seroquel and Ativan together?

Im hoping someone might have the knowledge and experience with these two meds!
Seroquel is what i take 2 treat my bi-polar II disorder. Aftr yrs of trying so many diff meds, this one has helped the most. Now i WILL admit i dont take it evryday. Ive made a personal choice not to, as this is a disease i will live w/my whole life. I understand the benefits from taking it daily, and I have prev yrs but I just choose not to anymore.
My main problem this past yr has been w/my anxiety. I was prescribed ativan by a diff dr when i was in urgentcare. He asked if i was taking any other meds and i did mention seroquel but told him honeslty i hadnt taken it for a long while.
So now my depression is back ‘n on top it Im dealing w/extreme anxiety everyday. Im hving a real hard time dealing w/the loosing my baby from a miscarriage jus a few wks ago. I got the chance 2 speak w/a pharmacist and he said it would be fine as long as ive been taking ativan for awhile to also be able to take seroquel.



If the pharmacist said it was ok, it should be fine then.Are u on a small dosage of ativan?
Just be careful taking it too often as I am sure you were told it is so highly addictive!
I have taken Ativan with my anitdepressant and it was fine.It helps alot! but then again that is why it is so addictive.Just be careful with the frequency of the dosage. Good luck!


Seroquel knocked me on my ***. I felt like crap on it and ativan when given enough knocked me out too. I think if your dose is too high the drug can do the opposite of what it is supposed to be doing. I think you should also see a therapist so you can work through what recently happened to you.


I really hate to oversimplify my answer to you. Please understand that I have had years of experience with mental illness, medications and I have had personal experience with anxiety and depression. Taking psychotropic medications “once in a while” or when you feel like it is sort of like a woman that I once knew who complained that she kept getting pregnant. I asked her if she took contraceptives and she answered “sometimes”. It just doesn’t make sense to discontinue taking medications on a regular basis. They are designed to be taken so that they maintain a therapeutic dose. Not taking them screws up this equation and makes them ineffective. With regard to the ativan that is really a short term solution for your anxiety. Not taking the Seroquel on a regular basis like prescribed can exacerbate your levels of anxiety.


My exboyfriend used to take ativan and seroquel and he never had any bad reactions, it leveled him out quite a bit.


First of all, whoever DG was, I gave him the fifth negative rating and now his answer is not displayed. I will also report him as abusive. And I am also a frequent contributor like George is. For Seroquel to be effective, it must be taken regularly or it just isn’t effective. As for taking Seroquel with Ativan, I take both from time to time. I have a strong phobia to severe thunderstorms based on my experiences with Hurricane Andrew and from the fact that, after evacuating a few days ago, I returned home to an F1 tornado destroying my shed not 25 feet from my home. And it is effective in taking the edge off so that I can evacuate without going bonkers. I hope you feel better and allow me to express my condolences on the loss of your baby. I hope you feel better.