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Does anyone protect themselves daily with anger?

I worry that if i resolved my anger issues that I would not be able to protect myself.



Fight or Flight is a basic human characteristic, and you won’t lose it by resolving anger issues. I think you would be happier if you could resolve them. I really hope your situation improves so that you won’t be constantly worrying about protection.


I do but I was told by my sister that I don’t have to be angry. It’s a waste of time. So I can be happy or some emotion as that but if something big happens – yes you have the right to be. Not at all times because I learned always being angry and introducing yourself with that presence may leave you labeled as an outcaast. If you don’t care then know that many people may also refer to you as a physcopath. I worried that too but so far my sisters method works. If it doesn’t for you let me know.