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Does anyone know where I can genuinely purchase Valium on the Net?

No judgements or silly answers please



I get all my prescriptions from foreign countries. The Governor of Illinois even pushes a program to get your drugs from Canada.
I don’t have insurance and I’m on disability. My drugs would cost over $1,000 a month. I have not had any problems with ordering from other countries. I have gotten them from Australia, Canada, India and Germany. They are still licensed pharmacies and you can see on the packaging what the ingredients are. However, I do have prescriptions. Some sites have doctors that will “consult” with you and then for $175 they will write you a prescription for two months’ worth.


No sorry, but if you visit a Doctor they might prescribe you some if you need it.


go to doctors
I wouldn’t try any pill purchassed from the internet
stay safe


Don’t mess with trying to get any prescription drugs on the net. It’s illegal, it’ll most likely be from a foreign source manufactured by God – only – knows. There are ways to do it, but it’s not a good idea; especially when you can just go down and do it legally through a physician.


I think it’s going to be risky to get that class of drug on the net, even if you do happen to find it. You’ll never know if it’s fake until you take it, and it could either be a sugar pill, or a dangerous chemical.
You might find this silly, but did you know GABA is called the body’s natural Valium? You can get it at health stores.


Not advisable – how could you be sure that what you were being sold was (a) genuine or (b) a suitable dosage? This incredibly addictive drug should not be available on the internet and it would be extremely irresponsible to make it so. Furthermore, vallium is a patch up job – taking it does not address the underlying reasons for needing it.
Please – you know this is the correct answer whether or not you want to hear it – speak to your doctor and take their advice about this, rather than buying online. If they do not think you need it, you are entitled to a second opinion. If they then say no, take heed of the advice.
p.s. This is not judgment on you – just concern that you are trying to acquire such a potent and dependance-creating drug in such a potentially unsafe manner.


No you shouldnt try to get this without a perscription i case it is mixed with something if you are desperate you can go to a&e; at hospital if you cant wait for gp appointment , a good alternative avaliable from any health shop or chemist is st. johns wort depending on how severe your depression is
hope that helps all the best wishes


u can pay in abroad and try typing in google whwre can i buy valium in uk


No silly answer.. I presume your Doctor will no longer
prescribe ?? well, that should tell you something..
I hope you have been weaned off, and I tell you what
I found helpful.BACH Rescue Remedy (spray or
drops) purely natural… but it certainly works !
(not very cheap though, Boots have started to sell it !)
Any panic attack, or heavy cheast feeling, cant
breath.a couple of squirts !! sorts it ! mind you,
if you have a lot of cheast pain..pse see your Doctor !!
good luck…Lynn


I buy valiums/diazepam from the on-line pharmacy


Sorry judgements on your question are not silly. This is an addictive benzodiazepine only legally available with a doctors prescription. Go see your GP and he will refer you to the local community addiction team to help you withdraw.


Your GP CAN prescribe them. but they are terribly addictive and are harder to come off than hard-class drugs. You really need to see your GP and talk to them… there are a lot of “other” medications which are far less addictive. They often prescribe “anti-psychotic” medication in low dose to help with on going anxiety problems. they are a lot safer.