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Does anyone know what happens During an EEG and MRI exam ?

Im having both done in literally a week which happens to be July 2nd. It’s probably nothing but I’m still scared if they find anything and that I might have to take alot of medicine or surgery at the worst. Right now I’m just wondering about what happens during those test though =(



Today is the 1st of July.
I just wanted wanted to wish you luck
You’ll be alright.


ya since i have had an mri u just lay there while they scan u thats all dont move or it can be dangerous


Both are non-invasive tests. The EEG will either have tiny wires taped or stuck to your scalp, or possibly you’ll wear a tight fitting cap with the wires attached, and you’ll be asked to sit there. Depending on what the test is for they may ask you questions or give you some other task to complete.
The MRI is basically an advanced x-ray. You’ll lay on a table and the table will slide into a large ring. You’ll get earphones to listen to music and all you have to do is lie completely still until the scan is complete. Nothing to it. Unless you happen to not like enclosed spaces. If that’s the case tell your doctor and they’ll give you a pill to calm you down. Contrary to what the previous poster said I don’t believe it’s dangerous to move while having an MRI. It simply blurs the image and, being a $2 million piece of equipment, it’s probably not cheap to run so they’d prefer to only have to do it once.
Good luck!


Well an MRI is just lying in a machine/ tube type thing. Both ends are open and there is usually a person (that’s running the test) that talks to you throughout. The part of the machine that you are lying on moves and buzzes while you’re being scanned. It’s really not that big a deal though. Calm down and don’t worry, you’ll be fine! =)


Both of these are very simple and painless procedures-much like a typical xray. During an EEG, electrodes are attached to your head to read brainwaves. This test is done for many types of things including epilepsy monitoring and sleeplab test. Depending on why you’re having the test, it may last anywhere from 2 hours to staying overnight. It takes about 45 minutes to attach the electrodes, and then they must stay on a certain length of time to read the information and print out a chart.
For an MRI, you are taking an xray. An MRI can be taken of any part of your body. It doesn’t take long at all. An MRI shows a more detailed picture of your body, producing “slices”. This is to say that an MRI gives the doctor the ability to see each layer of whatever body part is being scanned-rather than the 2 dimensional regular xray.
You have nothing to worry about with either of these tests. Very easy, painless. I don’t know the specifics about your situation-but finding out what’s wrong and getting the proper treatment sounds scary, but it’s a lot less scary than never knowing and having something happen. I’m sure you’re in good hands. Getting tests done is a really good thing. Good luck!! 🙂


Well, the test are non invasive, which means that nothing will actually be entering your body aside from the IV contrast for the MRI.
For the MRI you will be placed on a table-like platform, and then introduced into a tubular machine. During the test, you will hear a some noises, as if someone was banging against the machine, but it’s perfectly normal. You have to keep very still, because movement will distort the image.
Sometimes patients get anxious by the enclosed space, but if you close your eyes, you’ll feel better.
The study last for about 20 minutes, but some machines are quite fast nowadays.
In the case of the EEG, you will have small patches placed on your scalp, and given some simple instructions, but nothing extraordinary. It can be done either sitting or lying down. You cannot be shocked by the electrodes attached to the patches, so don’t worry.
Have patience, because this tests take time, and some waiting time can be involved before each of them, even if you have an appointment (there are some urgent procedures that take precedence in any hospital).
I hope everything goes well, and God bless you.
Take care!


i’ve had both done, they’re no big deal. Mine was because my epilepsy was getting worse, they wanted to see if I had a tumour or something changed in my brain. EEG: they put a gel on your scalp, tape these little magnets to your head, then put a cap over the top (like a shower cap, except it has little holes in it where the wires come out). An EEG shows a picture of the brain using the electrical reactions that happen between the magnets and brain activity.
MRI: they will ask you if you’re claustrophobic first. You lay down flat on this slide. Then the slide goes in and out of the tunnel (you probably seen something similar in movies or on TV) this takes like an X-Ray of the area they are scanning. But in cross sections. You just have to try and stay still. So unless you hate closed in spaces it’s nothing to be worried about. They are both pretty quick.