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Does anyone know the signs of depression? I want to know if Im depressed ?

Your answers are appreciated.



Go to revolutionhealth.com..enter in the search bar on this site “depression” hope that helps you,it will tell you all the signs!


I was depressed once. Couldn’t wake up in the morning, didn’t want to go to work, didn’t care about anything, cried for no reason, appetite fluctuation. It is not fun. It feels like you are in a funk and you cannot get out of it.


The main signs of depression are, if you are thinking about death & suicide. You lose interest in things you often liked to do. You have random aches and pains and you always feel like being in bed. You gain or lose weight, low self esteem, you can’t sleep, and the list can go on forever, depending on the person. If you think you are depressed then you should talk to a friend/family member and go get some help before your problem becomes something big. Good luck with everything.!


Losing interest in hobbies/activies you once enjoyed, feeling continually fatigued, wanting to simply be alone, refusing company of friends and loved ones, loss of appetite, constant sadness and/or frustration for no apparent reason, etc. Google it if you want more.


You can take a depression screening test at this website:


..ok.. well there are many kinds of signals that ur getting depressed.
u want to cry.. feel like ur trapped and cant do anything bout what ur feeling.
ud want to talk to ur frends..
the ones that u trust the most
when u solve ur problem
thats when ull feel better.
cuz when ur depressed, something is wrong
dont deny ur feelings cuz it will all just make things worse.


Sadness throughout the day, nearly every day
Loss of interest in or enjoyment of your favorite activities
Feeling of worthlessness
Excessive or inappropriate feelings of guilt
Thoughts of death or suicide
Trouble making decisions
Fatigue or lack of energy
Sleeping too much or too little
Change in appetite or weight
Trouble concentrating
Aches and pains
See the link below for a self assessment check list. If you have it please don’t suffer any longer and get help. Good luck!


Signs of Depression
Q: What are the warning signs of depression (other than “feeling sad”) and what can be done about it? Also, please tell us about the herb St. Johns Wort and if it can be used to treat depression.
A: Depression, for many, is a slow, almost imperceptible process in which life, in varying degrees, begins to lose its meaning. Research demonstrates a measurable depletion of certain chemicals in the brain; this is the foundation for many of the drugs used to treat this condition.
The following are warning signs of depression and should be taken seriously if one regularly experiences them:
Depressed mood
Loss of appetite for food
Difficulty sleeping or sleeping much more than usual
A sense of helplessness and hopelessness
Thoughts about suicide
Loss of interest in the activities of daily living (work, play, time with family and friends)
Unusual irritability
Feelings of worthlessness or inappropriate guilt
Diminished ability to think or concentrate
If you are experiencing up to five of these symptoms for more than two weeks, this may represent a serious depressive episode. If so, see your doctor as soon as possible. Treatment may include counseling, medication, and in severe cases hospitalization.
A depressive illness can be serious, necessitating evaluation by an objective professional.
Hope this was helpful ;<)


Typically people think of depression as saddness.
Depression in people, though is more complicated than that.
Functioning in numerous areas is somewhat inhibited, or lacking. Fears and anxiety can be present. Pain and physical discomforts are prominent, but may not be from a specific known cause. Emotions are not their usual. Concentration and thinking abilities may be ‘off’. There may be disruptions in sleep or health. Grief or concerns may be at the root of your problems.
Depression happens when your brain is functioning on less of the chemicals than it needs to keep you healthy all over.