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Does anyone know someone who sleep texts?

thats right..sends text messages while asleep?



yes I do it alot!


i do it sometimes lol


I imagine that would be incredibly hard to do…


No, but it seems like if I knew someone who did, they would have an obsession with texting, if it creeps into their sleep and is strong enough to make them send legible text messages during REM sleep. I would suggest therapy and putting the phone away for a little while.


No. But I do know people who fall asleep while texting. I’ve done that once. I was trying to tell someone something, it was early in the morning and I haven’t slept yet. The text came out something like “I’m on my way home fdfw ewr44a fewgwb” I’m serious. It was kinda funny. I’ve also text someone and didn’t remember it because I was half asleep. Maybe I was sleeping. Hmmm, you’re making me wonder now