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Does anyone know how to stop cutting?

i want help from some one that understands what im going threw. i dont want help from a therpst. all they do it try to make me feel better. it doesnt matter how i feel i just cant stop. i cut when i feel fine cause i love the feeling. i just. i need help.



Until you decide the payoff you get from cutting, that temporary high, isn’t worth the costs, you’ll keep doing it. And that strength must come from your heart, not because your parents want you to stop, not because you ‘think’ you should, not because your best friend or boyfriend want you to. You must want to stop. And you must be real.
And chances are you may need a group or therapist for support – but only choose ones who have experience with cutters or at very least addiction. Because this isn’t just a low self esteem issue – its an addiction. Your life is now designed around how to get high – from cutting – and its going to be a rough journey to recovery (but well worth it)
And if you’ve lost confidence in therapists look at the AA steps, because this is an addiction, and they know about addicts. Working on those steps will help.
I know how good it can feel to hurt yourself. I know how tempting it is to avoid pain that way. The rush it gives. I also know as good as you feel doing it, is as guilty you feel once its over because you know its wrong.
One day I decided I had enough – I wasn’t going to abuse myself anymore. I never told any family or friends.
For me painting helped/s. It is tactile (or at least the way I paint it is because I end up covered head to toe). When under big stress it still comes to mind as an option – but the urge grows less each year.
Be real, and it is worth it to stop. I feel so much better in general than I did when I’d hurt myself.


Just make a promise to yourself and never do it again. Every time you feel the urge do something else enjoyable, like drawing,writing,reading,laughi… to music, drinking water, or even masturbating. All in all, you have to just stop the urge and drop the blade.


get a hobby to take your mind off of it.


Then you should just erase this question. You dont want help from a profession because they try to make you feel better? Turn off your computer. You have decided you are not going to stop, why pretend?


Some people say they cut themselves because they think they are letting out the evil in them. You’re not evil, just mistreated. Tell yourself that a lot.


i no how u feel cause i cut & i want 2 stop & i dont want 2 c any1 cause they r just goin 2 say im crazy
take a rubber band & put it around ur wrist & when u want 2 cut snap it
u get the same feeling but u still will want 2 cut till ur body gets us 2 the rubber band & not cutting


Wow, you please yourself by being wounded? Join the army! No,Jk, Well, I’ll tell you the negative things that could happen to you. Infections, yeah you can get infections from cutting yourself. You could accidentally cut an artery if you dig deep enough and then if oxygen travels to your heart you die. Uhh, yeah, just stop and keep all sharp objects away from you.


I am not too sure about your situation but with me I used to be friends with bad people and we did drugs and drank and that was around the time when I started to get depressed and cut myself, when I tried to tell my friends none of them cared so I sought out new friends and now I have better friends who are much more responsible and beleive it or not I am not depressed anymore at all and I don’t cut myself because I don’t ever feel like it. If you need more help you can email me.


don’t pick up the knife, razor blade, paperclip, or whatever else you are using. do an internet search on “borderline personality disorder” and see if it fits.


go some place where there are no knives or if you really want to stop, just put down the knife and walk away. sorry, I don’t know how to help you. but I sympathize with your pain. life is hard for all of us. you’re not alone


The most common therapy for this is to do an alternate thing. Like cutting a doll where you would like to cut yourself, or get a punching bag or plastic milk jug or something that you can damage when you have the urge to cut.


I quit cutting after years of doing it during my teens. How? Well, I’m not really sure actually. I experienced certain situations in my life at the time which allowed for a sudden uplift in my mood. Of course, happiness doesn’t last for ever, but I believe I simply grew out of it, although I still have urges to do it sometimes, I would never do it.
Just tell yourself, don’t cut. Throw out your cutting tools and do something else instead. At one point instead of cutting I was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day and getting incredibly drunk in the evening, not a good idea! Smoking and drinking are much more destructive on your body and mind than cutting. Do something healthy instead! Write, draw, scream, yell, cry, go for a walk/run, take up yoga etc.