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Does anyone know how dangerous taking shrooms is? What is the best way to take t

I was offered, and am not completely sure I want to do this…



Honestly, Go here (


If you’re unsure, don’t do it. That is the best advice I can possibly give you. Some shrooms can be quite dangerous, especially if the person who is selling them is not very educated on the subject. Some shrooms are fine. And some people who take shrooms WILL have flashbacks for years afterwards!


DO NOT TAKE THOSE! It seriously **** s with your mental capabilities and I don’t know this from experience but I have read things about them and Ijust do not see why people would want to put things like that or any drug for that matter into their body?? If it was meant for us to have or to do then we could buy it at the grocery store or Wal-mart!!


They can hurt you, even kill you or make you kill yourself. Mushrooms are dangerous not only because they are literally poisoning you, but they also magnify your emotions; if you are sad, angry or have some pent up aggression in the back of your mind, those feelings will come out tenfold.
Be careful what you put into your body as it may haunt your life in the future.


Shrooms are like Acid. It’s a bad thing to take. It causes hallucinations that can be down right frightening and the affects can last for days – or even permanantly.
Why start taking a drug just because you were offered? Clearly whoever is offering it to you knows nothing about what it is – they are just ‘taking it’ because someone else did.
I know you dont really want to think about long term affects – but I can offer a suggestion. If you don’t want to be on anti-psychotic drugs and or be drooling on yourself in a few years. You should probably find your fun in a much more natural and less damaging way. Also, don’t hang out with kids that are ignorant and popping crap into their mouth just to get some “high”. The “high” is the lack of oxygen to your brain and that’s where you can get into serious danger.
You are cutting off circulation to your major organs. Hmmm.. Sounds like a bad plan to me.
Read up on it – seriously – don’t give in to kids with their big loud laughs and their egging you on crap – it’s lame and stupid.


please don’t get into drugs! its not worth it, and it wll NEVER help u be anything in life but LOSER! i’ve seen wonderful, smart indivuals turn into crazy, worthless pieces of sh*T b/c years ago they were “offered” a drug. THIINK 🙂


When i was younger i did shrooms well over 2 dozen times. I had a ton of fun, and have never had a flash back. They are not really like acid, as the trip is way less intense. I would recommend you do them in an situation you are comfortable with to maximize your enjoyment. I have never done other drugs, nor did they lead to me wasting my life away or any other crazy scenarios people will tell you. I don’t smoke pot, do crack, coke, or heroin. I just liked mushrooms, and always enjoyed doing them. I never have known anyone who got addicted and ruined their life. Just have fun and enjoy.


Shrooms are not for everyone. They’re incredibly spiritual and life-changing, and few people are really ready for that, even if they think they want it! You can really hurt yourself. And its suppose to hurt. All your hang-ups, the skeletons in your closet, your “issues”, it just may slam you! Plus you should have someone watch over you during your trip so you don’t try to jump off a building thinking you’re going to fly…