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Does anyone know anything about Vocational Rehab?

I am Bipolar and had some good advice to try to contact Vocational Rehab. How does this work? and do they help with your living expenses and retrain you or what? and do you need a doctor to refer you?



you don’t need a doctor to refer you..although that wouldn’t hurt… you undergo testing to see the extent of your disability paid for by Voc. Rehab… then they pay for college or vocational school… and yes sometimes they pay for dorms , etc.
they even paid for my books and a calculator.


Go to your local Voctional Rehab. and they can give you information on who can get their services. You have to have a need to be retrained by certain rules. They help with education, and transportation cost. They can refer you to job agencies (Such as Goodwill) to help you get a job. Your doctor may can refer you to them.This process takes 90 days or even longer. Just call and ask them in your area. There may be services that you may can get that I am unaware of. (such as food stamps).


Hello! I just got of the military in January. They gave me 20% disability. VA can help you prepare for, find and keep a job. For veterans with serious service connected disabilites, VA also offers services to improve their ability to live as independently as possible. It is up to them to decide how they will help you. You don’t need a doctor to refer you, just call them and they will walk you through the process. Some services VA provides are:
Job Search
Vocational Evaluation
Career Exploration
Vocational Training
Educational Training
Rehabilitation Services
If you need benefits information and assistance call 1-800-827-1000 or go to www.va.gov
Good Luck!