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Does anyone know anything about insomnia in kids?

My 12 year old really has trouble going to sleep and staying alseep. He seems to have insomnia. We don’t let him have anything with caffiene in it. The lack of sleep is making him grumpy and he has a bad attitude.



take him to a doctor, my brother had it, and he’s went to the doctor and they gave him pills to help him sleep, although he doesn’t take them they do work or try 1/2 a vikidin


It may be caused by anxiety or stress.
First off, take him to your family doctor and see what he/she says. If after that it remains the same, call your local hospital to see if they have a sleep disorder clinic.
I would really refrain from taking drug aides as they are highly addictive and easly abused.


If you stopped giving him caffeine all together, his body will conserve it for when he gets tired. Slowly remove it from his diet it worked for me when i was a kid. Also, video games stimulate the mind that may also have an effect if he plays before bed.
Seriously, you should not need to have to go to a doctor.


I would recommend taking him to a doctor. There might be something wrong that is making it difficult for him to go to sleep. I’m not a fan of medicating children, so maybe some sort of therapy might help teach him some techniques to make sleeping easier. If not there is always medication. I was an an insomniac for years (ever since I was a child), only my parents never knew. I thought it was normal to stare at your ceiling for hours before going to bed . . . the first night I got a good nights sleep after finally going to a doctor and getting the pills was the most amazing night of my life.


Besides the obvious ‘go see your doctor’ there’s not a lot you can do besides looking for a possible cause (if there is one). Does your son get any sleep at all or does he sleep 4 to 5 hours a night? When did this start and is has something happened around that time that could have caused a lot of stress? Talk with him, it might surely help. But it also could be so that he has (or changes to) a natural short sleep. I had the same when I was about his age and I never slept over 5 hours about most days up to now (I’m 39). I adapted by going to bed a little later, so that tiredness was more there and taking a book with me and after reading a while my eyes got ‘tired’, switched off the light and slept (my few hours). Most important in this case is a sleep in one piece. It doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing. But the obvious first: Go see your doctor. Good luck with it all.


Ok, I would like to say before I start off, I am 19, and I have many mental problems, including insomnia.
What I would do first is taking him to a doctor. Insomnia is an imbalance of chemicals in the brain (Like most mental diseases). It could be hormones (He is at that age), or it could be insomnia. There are sleeping pills that they can give him to get him to sleep and keep him asleep. I have been using pills, and I sleep well and stay asleep. (Which, probably sounds strange since it is 2:38 AM my current time).
Make sure that he is getting sleep at the right times. He could be sleeping during school and coming home awake. Try and get him to sleep around 8 or 9 (I know its early, but its not permanent. And it will help if he is having trouble sleeping). He should start waking up around 6-8 AM. That means he is on a normal sleeping schedule.
If he is waking during the night (and isnt sick/throwing up/needs to go to the bathroom/etc), then he might just be off on his sleeping schedule. If so, try and get him through the night, make sure he doesnt dose off during the day, and make sure he is asleep early that night.
If the above does not work, please consider seeing a doctor. Sleeping pills and/or simple psychology sessions can cure insomnia.


your kid may be have stress or anxiety disorder or have problem in school
insomia and grumpy is one symptom of depresion.you may have to talk with your kid about her problem or see mental health proffesional such psychologist,etc