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Does anyone know anything about dyspraxia?

I have a sixteen year old step-sister with Dyspraxia. From what I can tell, it’s a motor skills/learning disability. She walks down the stairs one step at a time and she can’t read. However, she also throws these tantrums where she screams and throws stuff. To me, they look like two year old tantrums and I’m not sure they’re related to the dyspraxia. Can anyone tell me if I’m wrong because I think it’s pure attention seeking.



Most people with this disorder are developmentally delayed to some extent. I remember a young lady in my high school home economics class that suffered from this disorder, she was mildly intellectually delayed, she tended to overreact when the other pupils teased her a little bit. I think it`s part of the disorder. There is a pupil in my son`s grade 1 class that has this disorder and he has some emotional problems, so I think you need to just sit back and just look at it as lack of emotional control, ( she just lets her feelings over power her), she may needs some psychiatric care sometime soon, especially since she is well into her teens.I think she not developed enough mentally to understand what she looks like to others when she has her tantrums.
P.s the individual above me ^^^^ has the right idea, and the site that is mention does have some great info!!


Try this site, my friend found it helpful when her son was diagnosed!


I don’t think the tantrums are directly caused by the dyspraxia but it could be that she throws the tantrums because she’s frustrated from the dyspraxia. Maybe she feels like the world’s moving too fast for her and she can’t keep up. I am a school psychologist and I see things like this a lot. Children have behavioral problems because they are frustrated with their inability to complete school work, or keep up with the class intellectually, or physically. Also consider that there could be some kind of emotional problem, like bi-polar. Her tantrums sound pretty violent. Does she have mood swings?


I “learnt” a bit about it when I did my OT degree. Kids usually get labelled as being “clumsy”. The tantrums are not part of the “illness” but having psycho-motor disorder when you are a 16 year old girl is bound to be very very frustrating. At that age appearance and fitting in are THE most important thing. She probably gets very frustrated. There ARE things you can do to help improve it. Has she seen her GP and seen a paediatric OT?


the tantrums are directly related to the condition. my stepson has it. they can’t communicate. therefore, they get probably even more frustrated than you because they need to have comm. for them to get points across. i have my stepson in speach therapy and he is getting better. his reason for having it is that he had really bad stomach issues when he was born so he had to be on a bottle for over a year. thus, his jaw muscles never developed properly. he still drools, can’t say the words he needs to say, and gets very angry when my wife and i don’t understand what he wants. have you tried teaching him sign language? it helps the child feel less defenseless. he can communicate now so he feels useful. no matter what age we all get, there is one thing that we always have and always will long for.. the feeling of being needed and heard. remember that the next time he throws a tantrum. just hold him and love him. he will come around with the right intervention. good luck, i know it’s extremely hard. i will be praying for you and your family.