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Does anyone know any home remedies for depression?

If you read the question I posted yesterday than you should know how I feel right now. I am usually very artistic when I ‘m depressed and end up writing poems that are just as depressing as I am. I don’t usually tell people I’m depressed except for a select few.
P.S. I don’t have the money to get couseling at this very moment.



Trying 2 meditate is a good idea. When u meditate wat u r doing is clearing yur hear. and getting yur thoughts together. it is a good way 2 sort everything out in you head then make u feel better about your handel on things


if you dont have money for counceling, try to talk to some0ne about this. I have depression, and trust me, its worse if you suffer alone.


Seek God and let Him help you.


St. Johns Wort is an herbal remedy available at your local pharmacy. It is believed to help depression.


i agree with schwinn, i would also suggest drinking some hot chamomile tea, its very relaxing, what i used to do is put a couple drops of st johns wort in my tea, find a nice quite relaxing place, and drink it…also you can try talking to your friends, keep yourself busy..hope this helped.


The best way to get rid of depressing thoughts is to think so much that you realise that it makes no sense to think any further.
I have been through some really depressing times recently. I thought over them so much that now whenever the thought comes to my mind, I dismiss it straight away (what is the worst thing that can happen? – and you realise that things can’t get worst than that and you also see problem in a new dimension)


Check into local churches they have professional counselors and they go by your income…so if you can’t pay anything they will still help.


One reply is to seek God. That is absolutely right.
God wants to help you, Second, let Family help. Believe me, your family has most likey had the same circumstances you are having.
Third, talk to friends. Friends are some of the most helpful people you can find. If possible get outside and walk through a park and look at all the flowers and get some sunlight. Sunlight is a great pick me up. Maybe get a pet, pets will make you smile.
I hope this helps. If you have any questions i am willing to listen!!
Any questions!!


bach flowers


I have just completed a user friendly guide at


Fortunately u had the awareness to seek help from so many well-meaning friends here. The action of cutting one-self showed your anger and the pain u had to endure for so long and some believe it would provide some remedy – but it doesn’t do much good for the psyche. The best solution is not to withdraw into a corner but to involve yourself into something purposeful, keeping yourself busy everyday, and not allowing any negative thought or feeling a chance to surface.
Join a club or association that serves the community and volunteer whatever knowledge,skills or talents u have. Help disadvantaged or handicapped persons if possible even for a while. Such experience will give great satisfaction.
What one gives will always come back to him one day in one form or another. Manage your anger, organise your daily activities and ensure you have a good balance of positive mental stimulation as well as physical activities or exercises.
Get a yoga,martial art or meditation instructor if u will. The little money spent will be worthwhile considering the immeasurable benefits you will get with mental peace and physical health for the rest of your life.
Record some of the good advice given by others as well for your two questions and act on them fast. Don’t be shy – find one or two soul-mates to help you weather this difficult period. If you BELIEVE u shall SUCCEED. God bless u!


go to a homeopath or bacth remdies