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Does anyone know about depression in older woman? My grandma just lost her husba

Does anyone have a comment or suggestion about treatment!? She thinks everyday is her last day and she constantly complains about everything and she doesnt want anyone to be happy around her! She was the complete opposite before her husband died but now no one seems to no what to do for her! She even stayed in a lot of different hospitals! Help!!



Has she tried talking to her doctor or anyone she feels almost as close to? Maybe she should get out and meet new people or do things that older people do like play bingo. I am 27 and I’m suffering from depression because of a new move and my husband being deployed and I have none of my own family here. I started walking at night and started seeing a counseler and it has helped me alot.


Please edit so you tell us this extra info.
What did she ” stay in a lot of different hospitals” mean.”
Depression in elderly people who lost a mate is nothing unusual. but this “staying in different hospitals” makes me want to say “why” before I can anything.
Through it all, your grandmother is one very lucky person…she has you, someone who cares about her very much.


Is she taking antidepressants? She may need them–but they don’t start working immediately. You may need to get her into counseling/therapy–but if she refuses to go–there’s nothing you can really do about it.
She is in the mourning process–and everyone mourns in their own way. She does have the right to live the way she chooses–and we need to allow her to be angry–she lost the love of her life.
You didn’t mention how old she is. It is possible that after a while she could start attending senior activities, or doing some volunteer work–if she is up to these things.


I lost my wife Rose last year (I am 73).
When someone loses a loved one, the world suddenly seems a darker, stranger, more frightening place – especially if you are old yourself.
A certain amount of depression is to be expected and is normal…let her grieve in her own time and in her own way. Just be there for her, cheerful, loyal, and constant.it`s all you can do at this stage.
The death of a spouse can take years to get over, some people never get over it.


she was married along,long time to her husband. she is going through the greiving process. allow her to. there are a number of steps to go. i believe there are 8 but i honestly don’t remember. it takes different people to go through them at differnt rates. i urge all of you to please be patient with her and just let her know that you all love her and are there for her should she need you at any time. and by any time time i mean any time even at say 1 am. i went through this with my elderly mother.give her about 6 months then try to get her to go to a group for people who lost spouses. my father-in-law went to this group about 6 months after his wife died and it helped him. everyone there had lost a spouse and could identify with him and what he was going through. good luck


If she is a religious person, try to get a minister to have a talk with her, about this: if not; Cognitive Behavio(u)ral Therapy is more suited to the elderly. See depression treatments at