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Does anyone have this problem?

When I am out with friends or in meetings at work I always tend to be 3 steps behind the conversation. Everyone seems to be laughing and involved but I can’t seem to catch up to everyone anymore. I don’t have problems with confidence…If I have something to say I say it but lately I am noticing my brain is all over the place.I just don’t have anything to say and nothing is funny to either. What is my problem? Do others have this problem? I feel like a space cadet. Thanks!!
Side note: Wife of 5yrs left me out of the blue 9 months ago so I am dealing with bouts of depression but I feel as if I am getting over that now.



Difficulty concentrating and ‘anhedonia’ or the loss of pleasure or interest in activities that were previously enjoyable are both hallmark symptoms of depression.
In addition, both depression and anxiety frequently result in feelings of detachment, distractibility or disconnection.
Finally, psychobabble aside, since you have had a lot on your mind, have been adjusting to a significant loss or life change, it seems you are having a normal response to the end of your marriage.
It might help to talk to someone…a professional, a pastor, even a good friend, about how you are coping and feeling. I would imagine that if you are spending more time alone since your wife left, that maybe you are feeling somewhat isolated and talking to people might help you reconnect.
I know that when I am going through something emotional, I often kind of retreat into myself without even realizing it and the result is that I feel detached and kind of out of it.
Good luck to you!


It seems normal to me considering your recent circumstance. I’d say to keep your brain active by doing brain exercises, like crossword puzzles or sudoku. That might help.


aww hun it sounds like you just need someone to talk to about things.so heres my email katiechick_09@yahoo.com…im a good listener…and my advice isn’t all that bad 😛


you’ve answered your own question..a divorce is one of the most stressful life altering events a person can experience, it is much like the death of a loved one. You are having difficulty focusing and your mind wanders because you are still in some way grieving your loss. Be patient with yourself, time heals all.


Just focus the subject on hand. Don’t worry about the negative. Write down what you wont to be in your life that is only positive and focus on it daily and you will attract it to you.


On occasion, I might find my mind drifting and not paying attention, especially when I have other things on my mind. You’re overcoming a divorce– be gentle with yourself.