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Yeast infection treatment at home

  1. How to treat yeast infection at home?

    For many centuries, women around the world have found and perfected an entirely new and innovative recipes, to combat the uncomfortable feelings in the genital area and eliminate cheesy discharge. Esze before I began to use the volatile people’s money saved the women. Volatile (from the Greek. plant and lat. caedo kill) formed by the plants biologically active substances that inhibit the growth and development of bacteria, microscopic fungi, protozoa, and in most cases simply kill them.

    Fungistatic – stopping the development of fungi, and also fungicidal – destroys fungal infection properties of garlic, oak bark, chamomile and many other natural components. For centuries, people have used these tools, prolonging their life and relieving suffering from fungal infections.

    To this day, along with other drugs are using these substances more detail about how to use herbal and folk remedies to get the desired effect, and not least do not hurt yourself, to incorrect use, can learn in our small, but useful and informative article.

    How to treat yeast infection at home?

    Garlic and olive oil. Take one small prong of fresh garlic remove the husk, then soak in a prepared bath of olive oil, let it soak (preferably leave it for 30 minutes). Then carefully wrap the garlic completely sterile towel (hand also needs to be perfectly clean, or better yet, use disposable gloves), then ready the device use as an ordinary vaginal candle, for the night. While uncomfortable sensations or burning sensation, immediately remove the product because it has a strong enough effect, and not always suitable for hypersensitive genitals. In this case, you can always try a different recipe.

    Soda and water. Daily, morning and evening, tempted your sex organs legkim a solution of common soda, this treatment will help eliminate the itching burning and will significantly reduce the amount of discharge. Dilute this solution should be in the ratio of 1 Cup tploy, prokipyachennuyu in advance of water 1 teaspoon of baking soda, thoroughly mix contents of the glass.

    Lavender, succession, izmelchennaya the roots of the nettle, oak bark. Daily, not long before bedtime, to wash the solution, it should be prepared in the following manner Bertha 1 tbsp lavender, 1.5 tbsp succession, 2 tbsp. l. crushed roots of nettle, 3 tablespoons of oak bark, and then finished gathering herbs use 1 tablespoon to 1 Cup kipjachenii hot water, close the lid and allow to steep for at least two hours, after this time, carefully strain the infusion and add Esch one glass of boiling water.

    Tampons moistened with the solution. Dip a tampon in the bath with calendula oil, allow to soak about 30 minutes before going to sleep and insert it inside like a regular sanitary pad. You can use sea buckthorn oil. In addition, as the impregnation treatment of the tampon, you can use the infusion of kidney poplar and crngo berzi, both is quite effective.

    Dry calendula flowers. You need to make a decoction, to do this, add 200 ml cold water 1 tablespoon dried calendula flowers, turn on rapid fire once it boils, reduce the heat plate to low, simmer. for 10 minutes. Next, close the lid and place in tple place (it’s important to keep warm), you can wrap in foil or a thick cloth. Next, the resulting broth should drain, drain healing solution through a sieve or cheesecloth. To wash with this decoction should be every day, after sleep and at night.

    Oak bark and bath. It is best to use this infusion, during a visit to the steam bath, as well as daily at home, twice a day. Preparing it is very easy to cipacing 1 Cup hot water – 1 tablespoon of chopped oak bark, to insist under a tight lid and closed with a thick cloth or foil, at least TPX hours.

    Cranberry, cranberry, cranberries and carrot juice. Mix all the berries and boil, about the way to make compote, but without any additives, only sour berries and water. It is necessary to prepare natural carrot juice without preservatives and additives. Further, after the broth has cooled, mix these drinks and with a bulb, which is used for enemas, the daily washing inside the vagina, washing the mucosa possible as deeply as possible.

    A tampon with yogurt chamomile tea. The tampon it is desirable to construct yourself, using for this purpose the gauze or a bandage, tightly stitched him old method. Further, the swab should be soaked in fresh fat-free yogurt and insert inside as a conventional hygiene tampon in the evening and out in the morning. Before and after the procedure, be sure to wash away the genitals of a strong infusion of chamomile flowers, it is necessary to prepare in advance 1 Cup boiling water 1 tablespoon of chamomile, infuse for at least 2 hours, tpam place under a tight lid, preferably wrap it in foil or a heavy towel, then strain the broth and only then to use. This treatment should be carried out regularly at least a week, as prophylaxis can be extended, has enough of effective action.

    Soda and iodine. To 1 liter of clean, kipjachenii hot water use 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of concentrated iodine, mix well all ingredients in this jar, you will be able to sit down as soon as the water becomes tolerable. To be in such a solution should be twenty minutes, every day of the week. It is possible to extend the procedure as prophylaxis.