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What Are Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids – is an inflammation of the hemorrhoidal plexus, that leads to the inflammation of the anus (since they are significantly increasing in size).

A lot of people begin laughing when they pronounce the name of this disease, but actually there is nothing funny about this , because hemorrhoids is a very serious disease, which is often not so easily cured. If you want to know what hemorrhoids are and what does it look like, here are a few illustrative images:

Talking about age limits, this illness is more popular with people from 35 to 60 years old (certainly, mostly women are concerned with this problem, therefore, it is difficult to say whether men are also often vulnerable to this disease), with increasing of one’s age, the percentage of falling ill decreases. It occurs mainly among women during pregnancy and at the moment of childbirth. Statistics say that, women who have never gave birth to children are 5 times less vulnerable to hemorrhoids than those who have.

What causes hemorrhoids

hemorrhoidsThere are no distinct answers to the question why hemorrhoids appear. But there are some basic reasons for its appearance:

  • Difficulties in defecation (constipation).
  • Heredity
  • Pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Very strong straining during long sitting on a lavatory pan.
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Lifting heavy loads
  • Eating very spicy dishes.

For those who found themselves in at least one of these points, there is a high probability of provoking the appearance of hemorrhoids. Please also note that there are 4 stages of hemorrhoids:

Why is hemorrhoids dangerous?

A lot of people don’t pay any extra attention to this disease, though if one doesn’t cure it in time, the consequences can be really bad. Besides, if one starts to cure it on the first stage, there won’t be any extra troubles, but if it is left without any special attention, the process of curing may take a lot of time and may lead to:

  • edema
  • purulent inflammation of the rectum
  • bleeding
  • thrombosis that later might become necrosis
  • operation

The symptoms of hemorrhoids

As it happens with any other disease, hemorrhoids can be recognized after the appearance of some symptoms. Some of them appear more often and are more visible, while others are almost invisible and no one pays any particular attention to them.

  • Bleeding from anus. Usually it all begins with a small drop of blood, which remains on a piece of toilet paper. But the worse the stage is, the more bloody secretion there will be. More than half of people who consulted doctors had exactly this symptom.
  • Falling of the hemorrhoidal bundles out during the process of defecation. This scares people most of all and makes them ask for a doctor’s consultation.
  • Pain (it might be either sharp pain, hack pain or dull pain) which arrouses not only at the moment of defecation, but constantly follow the patient.
  • Itch.
  • Swelling, discomfort, feeling of incomplete defecation.

When at least one of these symptoms appear, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor, because even at the first stage there might appear complications and the infection might be carried straight into the rectum.

Types of hemorrhoids

There are three types of hemorrhoids:

  • The internal hemorrhoids. In this case the internal hemorrhoidal bundles swell, and they are situated exactly under the colon shell right next to the plexus of veins. This type of hemorrhoids is the most widespread among patients.
  • The external hemorrhoids. Swollen bundles are situated right next to anus, and can be easily seen with a naked eye. Though it is not as widespread as the internal hemorrhoids. But for all that, those bundles might decrease in their size.
  • The combined hemorrhoids. In this case internal as well as external bundles are inflamed causing a great discomfort to a person.

You may see the difference between the internal and external hemorrhoids in the illustration beneath:

Hemorrhoids can also be:

  • Acquired. They are also devided into two types:Initial (it means that the disease has occured independently). Repeated (it is either a symptom or a consequence of some other illness)
  • Inborn. It was inherited from relatives.

How to cure hemorrhoids

A lot of people suffering from this disease are only interested in one question: how to cure hemorrhoids. Before you begin to consider treatments you should take into consideration that self-treatment should not be performed, this should be done only after you have consultated with a specialist, as this can lead to bad consequences. Hemorrhoid Treatment is a very long and laborious process, especially when it is no longer in its initial stage. That is why there are several methods of treatment:

Laser treatment of hemorrhoids

Laser treatment is usually prescribed in the event when the initial stage has been passed, or else during it, but to prevent a further development of disease.

A visiual scheme is shown in the following image:

What are the advantages of using a laser? Many people are afraid to be on the operation table because of possible postoperative complications and long recovery time. So it is easier done with a laser.

  • Firstly, the person is conscious and at the same time almost does not feel any pain.
  • Secondly, this operation may be performed both to cure the internal and external hemorrhoids.
  • Thirdly, the procedure takes very little time (not more than 15 minutes)
  • Fourthly, there is no preoperative preparation, and no long recovery period afterwards.

Of course, like any other procedure, there are some minor disadvantages. For instance, if sizes of bundles are too large, laser will not be able to remove them completely, so after a while you will need to make one more procedure. And the cost of laser operation exceeds the size of an average budget, so not everyone, can afford it.

Tablets, ointments for the treatment of hemorrhoids

During the complex treatment of hemorrhoids a number of drugs that promote healing are used, as well as those which deliver of pain and inflammation, that bring discomfort to a patient.

At the initial stage one can be treated only with suppositories, the effect of which is directed to the removal of all of the symptoms which were described above. But on the next stage, the treatment will be harder.

For a general treatment drugs that help to strengthen the vessels to improve blood circulation are basically used, as well as medications which help to reduce the number of lymph which is situated therein.

Folk remedies for the treatment of hemorrhoids

Very often one can hear a question, how to treat hemorrhoids using folk remedies. Mostly, people who are interested in this issue, have no time to go to a doctor, or drugs which were used for treatment just don’t give enough help, and folk remedies are used as a last chance. And besides, traditional remedies often help much better and are more effective than any other medications.

  • Treatment with leeches. Leeches suck off all the extra blood, and also secrete a special substance that has anti-inflammatory quality.
  • Hypericum, or rather a tincture made of it. Hypericum, or rather a tincture made of it.
  • Suppositories made of sugared honey. Honey is put into a refrigerator, then a small piece is cut off and inserted into the anus. However, these suppositories can cause burning pain, so it is not necessary to suffer because of them for a long time.
  • Baths with cold water. They really help to relieve swelling and pain for some time.
  • Enema. It must be filled with extract made of chamomile, valerian, dandelion and couch-grass.

Hemorrhoids is a very unpleasant disease, which makes a person wish to get rid of it as fast as possible and with no radical methods. So it’s better to cure hemorrhoids immediately after the first symptoms have occured and never let the disease get worse.