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Voyeurism Peeping

  1. Reasons
  2. Symptoms
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Treatment


refers to disorders of man on the mental level and is characterized by the fact that the person is an arousal of a sexual nature against the background of spying for a naked person or observation of sexual relations of other people. Such frustration can often be observed in men or teenagers. Moreover, the voyeurism is different in that people seek to be seen, on the contrary, he wants to stay in the shadows, to have the only element of secret observation. Voyeurism in this case, the key element of this disorder.

In medicine this concept is also referred to as visionism or scopophilia. And, characteristically, the disorder is often associated with impotence.

In General, voyeurism relates to light forms of sexual violence, as this factor can cause psychological discomfort in order for someone spying. And as voyeurs use people as objects without their consent, then it is some degree of izvraschenstvo. In addition, the disease may be complicated even more profound other mental disorders uncontrollable nature.

Today, the voyeur can be in places like public toilets, beach changing rooms, showers and sports changing rooms, etc. where we must be particularly careful of the female sex.


The causes that can provoke the development of the disorder are

  • postnatal experiences that the early sexual experiences, communication with parents in early childhood, on topics of a sexual nature, you have exceeded the interest in the genitals of adults
  • congenital hyperkinesis predisposes to the development of such disorders as visual thinking is heading in the wrong direction
  • psychological trauma in childhood is a strong manifestation, especially in the early period (first or second year of life). Moreover, this can often be due to the rupture of relations with the mother.


The desire to watch strangers intimate relationship possesses from time to time, and can come quite unexpectedly. When a person has an obvious voyeurism, peeping for him, the main factor propelling and guiguzi them. This factor is also joined by a feeling of pleasure, which manifests itself as a result of observation of the sexual act.

For such people, the peculiar compulsion that drives them to sexual acts and the life to examine sexual direction. Often they look at pornographic materials, which get sexual pleasure as well as communicate on these topics, conduct telephone conversations, etc.

But, if to give vent to this frustration, it can lead to masochistic behavior, increased anxiety, guilt and similar feelings.


To make a diagnosis by the psychiatrist to determine this disorder based on patient interviews, and will conduct further psychological tests of orientation, indicating the presence of voyeurism.

It is also necessary to differentiate scopophilia from the manifestations of organic inferiority, which it is advisable to initially determine the cause of manifest disorder.


Treatment usually consists of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, behavioral therapy. In some cases, can prescribe androgens, while conducting monitoring of hepatic function and controlling the level of testosterone in the blood.