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Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia

Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia

(anemia of Addison-Barmera, pernicious anemia) is the suppression of normal hematopoiesis in connection with a lack of vitamin B12. In the body of any person should contain a certain amount of vitamin. The lack of a particular element leads to its consequences. Some occur imperceptibly, while others develop into serious diseases. Vitamin B12 is found in foods of animal origin. For example, liver, meat and other. Due to their regular consumption maintained a certain level of B12. However, all the nutrients from the body are removed naturally, and then you want their new arrival.


Anemia can develop in violation of the bioavailability of vitamin B12. The main causes disruption of the gastrointestinal tract. Often anemia develops elementary not in receipt of vitamins in the body. For example, in strict vegetarianism, when products of animal origin are completely excluded. The disease can develop in pregnant women, cancer patients, when the need for it increases several times.

If the disease is due to a disruption of the normal gastrointestinal tract, it is

  • with concomitant diseases of the stomach
  • with the problems of the small intestine, for example, the presence of worms
  • because of the use of anticonvulsants or contraceptive.


The disease is not asymptomatic. The main manifestations are associated with an abnormal job and various disorders in the two systems

  • Central nervous system
  • Gastrointestinal tract (poor absorption of food from the stomach, lack of intrinsic factor castle, cancer and other causes).

B12 anemia and its symptoms in groups

  • nervous system. Key manifestations characterized by decreased reflexes, frequent tingling and numbness of extremities. Some patients have noted the phenomenon with a cotton feet, so there is a gait disturbance and unsteadiness. Note memory loss
  • The digestive tract. Patients indicate an increase in sensitivity to sour foods. It may be difficult to swallow, eventually developing a developmental disorder and normal functioning of the gastric mucosa. This provokes an increase of the liver and spleen. Can be frequent bloating. Deteriorating digestion, perhaps the sharp decrease in mass up to the state of anorexia.

The symptoms of vitamin deficiency anemia include such symptoms as pallor of the skin, the appearance of noise in the ears, frequent headaches. When walking has shortness of breath and rapid fatigue, it is noted palpitations. In women can stop menstruation, cases of infertility and sterility.


Vitamin-B12-deficiency anemia occurs in megaloblastic level. Looks like it’s produced by red blood cells that have increased size and shortened lifespan in the center of the cell, no enlightenment, color uniform shape is like a pear or oval are observed Taurus Jolly and ring Cabo.

The blood contains also neutrophils, which have huge size. Eosinophils and basophils becomes very small, up to their complete absence. All this is revealed by a simple blood test. With a decrease in the concentration of bilirubin may be a little jaundiced skin and sclera of the eye.


  • urinalysis for the presence of urobilin
  • General analysis of blood
  • necessarily performed a bone marrow puncture to establish a complete picture of the disease.


This disease has serious complications. The process proceeds in the form of degeneration of nerves. This is because the Central nervous system and bone marrow are very susceptible to lack of vitamin B12. In any case, not to delay correct diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Timely and qualified assistance will help you to quickly recover and continue a normal life.


The treatment of this disease is to restore normal power supply. It is also necessary to treat all gastrointestinal diseases. It is important that the body it established a sufficient intake of vitamin B12.

The specialist assigned to injection of the missing vitamin, which will quickly normalize the power of the bone marrow. The dosage should be as follows 1 Matki during the week is done intramuscularly. Repeated injections performed for 1 mg 1 time a week for 1-2 months. If normal level of hemoglobin, the injections can be reversed. Next, make the injection for 1 mg 1 time a month. After the treatment it is important to carefully follow a normal diet to food received sufficient amount of vitamin B12.