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Vaginal thrush

Vaginal thrush is a sickness which often happens among representatives of a weaker sex. Almost every single woman is acquainted with this illness.

As often as not thrush is diagnosed on one’s own and without a specialist’s advice as well as treatment. This might reflect in a worse way on woman’s health.

People call this disease thrush, but in medicine it has other name- vulvovaginal candidiasis. Symptoms of thrush are: burning, intense itching in the genital area (external), which becomes intense when a woman sleeps, and also after a long walk or a coitus or even after water procedures. Vulvovaginal candidiasis is felt as pain during coitus, secretion of medium or abundant cheese excretion from a woman’s vagina, and also disturbance of urination.

If a woman finds such symptoms in her body it is strongly recommended for her to apply for a doctor’s help. Nevertheless practice shows that women do not apply for a medical help immediately, they begin to describe their symptoms on various internet forums, phone their female friends, ask for a piece of advice from farmacists at chemist’s shops.

And when nothing from what was described above helps them, only then apply for help in a medical establishment, but when a disease is neglected it is most difficult to cure.

What causes thrush

candidiasis-yeast-infection-in-vaginal-wallsThrush can be caused by different reasons. The disease can be caused by pregnancy, because in this case considering hormonal changes, reducing of immunity of mucous membranes and skin appear very fertile conditions for reproduction of various fungi. It also may be caused by antibiotics.

Taking antibiotics women not only deliver their organisms from accumulation of pathogenic bacteria they should also consider that together with that they get rid of useful microflora.

This useful microflora is represented by lactobacilli which are needed for a normal vital activity. Lactobacili live in vagina and in guts and exactly they are able to control the growth of candidiasis fungi. If there is a lack of lactobacilli in a woman’s organism fungi begin intense reproduction and increase to a greater amount.

Woman’s immunity rises and this causes vulvovaginal candidiasis. Nutrition can also cause the appearance of such a ‘guest’.

If there is too much sweet and farinaceous food in a woman’s ration than acid medium changes in vagina. Very often thrush escalates after coitus. In this case the disease is caused by the interchange of microflora. Some men don’t even have a slightest idea that they have fungi. And if a woman cures from thrush for many times but her sexual partner isn’t it means that sooner or later she might have thrush again.

A lot of different factors might become a reason for thrush, such as: wearing thongs, affection for synthetic fitting clothes, hormonal contraceptives, diabetes, treatment with steroid means, oral-genital coitus, anal-genital coitus (candida contains in guts and in a mouth in great amount).

‘Concomitants’ of vaginal thrush

All inflectional diseases don’t just come by themselves. Vaginal thrush isn’t an exception either. As often as not thrush may be closely related to AIDS and to other urogenital infections. There are many cases when a woman suffers from thrush and after a medical observation it appears that the reason for fungi reproduction are completely other more serious diseases. That’s why self-treatment is not recommended at all.

There exist a lot of varieties of fungi, around several dozens. Every single kind of fungi can be defined differently, in order to do it, a doctor needs to make various analyses-bacteriological sowings of discharges to define the responsiveness of fungi to drugs, microscopical analysis of discharges. It is very important to make observations using which it is possible to define AIDS and urogenital infections.

Sure, nowadays medical observations cost much money, but one should never save the money on health. It is better to spend a sum of money and to verify the diagnosis than to waste the money on a therapy which will not give any result and then trying to get rid of consequences of a wrong treatment which influenced the organism badly. In every single case an individual approach should be found. Your doctor should assess your heath condition as well as anamnesis and only after that make a decision how to cure you.

The number of discharges may increase because of changes in a woman’s physical condition. This may be caused either by pregnancy or a period before ovulation or after taking a combined contraceptive pill.

Treatment and prevention of thrush

In order to let the medical theraphy appointed by a doctor bring real results one should definitely refuse all the bad habits and to observe personal hygienic. One should use means of personal intimate hygienic which should have lactic acid in its contents because this acid normalizes the acid-base balance.

It is also necessary to wear underwear made of only natural fabrics, wash and rinse it properly, iron it and use sanitary napkins which ‘breath’. During the period of treatment it is important to stop using glucocorticoids, estrogen and progestin medications, antibiotics (except for the cases when they should be necessarily taken). It is also significant to keep to a diet with minimal amount of carbohydrates.

Thrush can also be cured with the help of local therapy as well as systemic therapy, everything depends on severity of illness. Except the medicine which influence the pathogen directly you should also be prescribed immunomodulating therapy. During the treatment it is crucial to consider all the accompanying diseases.

During the treatment of thrush you should necessarily normalize microbiocenosis of all the organism. To do it you should eat dairy products, probiotics, prebiotics and as often as not suppository with all the necessary useful bacteria is also locally used. A very crucial moment should also be considered-a woman should use vaginal suppositories with normal microflora only in case if she has results of a proper analysis.

Such analysis is taken after fungicide therapy in other cases it may only make the situation worse because all the fungi which remained in the organism would start to multiply intensely. If a patient has diabetes or any other sickness which reduces the immunity or if she may observe some relapse symptoms of thrush in this case an anti-relapse therapy against fungi takes place. The treatment is held during certain days of period. It is necessary to talk to your sexual partner about his treatment.

A lot of people consider that this disease cannot be transmitted sexually. A sexual partner should begin treatment only in case if candida balanoposthitis is in progress. But this refers only to those cases when one can be sure that there are no other pathogens of sexual diseases. In other cases a man should visit an andrologist.

Don’t hesitate to ask for gynecologist’s help. Remember that if you try self-treatment only once it will lead you to a doctor after a short period of time anyway. And in this situation it would be much more difficult to give you some help because during self-treatment clinical picture often changes. So take care of yourselves and treat your health very seriously!