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Urethral syndrome

  1. The cause of the urethritis and urethral syndrome
  2. The symptoms of urethritis
  3. Treatment for urethral syndrome
urethral syndrome
Urethral syndrome

the combination of symptoms and signs of urethritis, infections of the mucous membrane of the urethra due to bacterial or viral infection. Mainly manifested in the form of severe pain when urinating.

The cause of the urethritis and urethral syndrome

Urethritis develops due to the destruction of infectious agents of the mucosa of the urethra. The infection leads to defeat, there is in most cases due to venereal disease. However, do not exclude the formation of urethritis after the inflammation of the organs of the urinary tract ). Very rare cause of urethritis fall in immunity, chronically existing in other organs foci of infection.



The symptoms of urethritis

Urethral syndrome-the key symptom of urethritis. Its presence is indicated by the following patient complaints

  • pain and pain when urinating
  • discharge of blood or pus with the urine
  • burning sensation in urethra
  • redness around the urethra
  • discomfort when touching the urethra and linen cloth
  • adhesion of the edges of the urethra.
Urethral Discharge Syndrome
Urethral Discharge Syndrome

Diagnosis in this case, it is simple for a specialist for diagnosis enough patient’s complaints and clinical picture of urethral syndrome, which is confirmed by laboratory diagnostic methods. For preliminary diagnosis, the doctor can be guided by the following signs pain or burning during urination, inflammation and edema of the tissues around the urethra, the presence of unusual discharge from the urethra. Enough 2 or 3 symptoms from this list that the doctor gave the direction to such tests smear, culture of the discharge from the urethra, the study of secret bladder and women, of secretions of the seminal vesicles and prostate in men.

The diagnosis is considered confirmed if the studies show the presence in urine of organisms. If necessary, the patient is sent for an additional ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs, tests for sexually transmitted diseases, etc.


Treatment for urethral syndrome

For treatment of urethritis is used a complex of measures suppressing the development of infection which provoked the disease. The patient may prescribe a course of antibiotics (if bacterial nature of the disease), a course of antiviral drugs (viral origin of the disease), a complex of anti-inflammatory drugs for the common facilitate stroke recovery.

To determine urethral syndrome and to provide effective treatment of urethritis can experienced urologist. To find the right specialist in your city and sign up for them at the reception, using information from the site