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Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a physical, and possibly psychological disorder.

Most of my discussion with men on the issue relate to the physical aspects of this frustrating disorder. And just in case you are wondering what exactly erectile dysfunction?means, it is this: the inability for a man to achieve or maintain an penile erection long enough to reach a satisfying orgasm. His male sex organ simply does not work, and no amount of thinking (visualization) will make it work.

So, the purpose of this report, I want to focus on the physical causes of erectile dysfunction vs. the psychological causes. In my thirty years of experience, the mind problems are too broad to be solved effectively in this time and space. And I would not want to tamper with an area that should be left to licensed psychologists.

Since erectile dysfunction rarely strikes young men, what are the physical factors that lead men to develop erectile dysfunction? Develop?

Yes, develop?

Erectile Dysfunction just doesnt happenthere are specific events that have to take place before the primal, virtually unconscious ability to achieve erection is disrupted?

Lets examine some key areas that may cause or contribute to Erectile Dysfunction:

  1. Benign Prostate Enlargement. Most men are unaware that their level of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) hormone is elevated (causing the prostate to enlarge and choke off blood supply to the penis) UNTIL they unhappily experience erectile dysfunction.First they go to their regular doctor and then he/she usually sends them to a urologist. The urologist will perform a physical exam (to feel for swelling) and take blood to measure the PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) to measure the DHT hormone. Anything above a 3 or 4 result raises suspicion. There are several drugs that drive down DHT, most have side effects.

    The natural favorite of choice is Saw Palmetto Extract
    (160 mg. 2 X daily) to bring DHT down to a correct level and keep it there. I lost count a long, long time ago as to how many men corrected their erectile dysfunction problem using Saw Palmetto Extract

    BUT, it is very important not to self-diagnosis the root cause of erectile dysfunction because the symptoms of benign prostate enlargement (BHT) can be the same for cancerous prostate enlargement. So you must find out (via urologist) that you have the benign condition vs. the cancerous condition. And while we are on the subject of prostate cancer, its very important to know your PSA number, the lower the better.

    You need to keep the lab report and have the test down every year to compare results. The lower the PSA number, the better. A rising PSA number is a signal for more testing. The simple, inexpensive PSA test could prevent thousands of new cases of prostate cancer each year. (By alerting men that they need to drive down elevated DHT.) It is every bit as important as the female Pap smear. Do you know your PSA number? You had find out?

  2. Undiagnosed Bladder
    I have spent considerable time with men
    who were not aware that they might have a bladder infection. They say things like, I feel this uncomfortable pressure, this heavy feeling right above my groin/penis, and I dont feel well.?Again, this is why it is SO important to see a urologist to find out exactly what is wrong. It may not be your prostate at all. You may picked up some kind of bacteria or you have the bad habit of not going to the bathroom often enough to evacuate your bladder. Or, worse yet, your fluid intake consists primarily of beer and Cokes. Trust meget to a urologist!

    You dont want to know how much a bladder catheter hurts. (They must insert a tube thru your penis to drain the urine when your urethra tube swells shut, to save your life.) And if you let a bladder infection go, it will only get worse and may travel up to your kidneys and infect and damage them.

    Dont go thereand if you are prone to bladder
    infection, take a Cranberry Extract cap daily to keep your urethra and bladder tissues inhospitable to bacteria and to nourish the delicate genito-urinary tract with targeted cranberry antioxidants. (Stay away from sugared cranberry juices, which may promote candida yeast in the inflamed bladder.) Quite a few people have asked me for Cranberry Extract caps to get rid of a bladder infection, but I prefer to have them see a doctor first to make sure that nothing else is going on in that delicate region of the body. I err on the side of safety. These people could have a serious case of acute nephritis that could be life threatening. Who knows?

  3. Undiagnosed Sexually Transmitted
    There are SEVERAL STDs that can lead to Erectile Dysfunction: NGU (Non-Gonoccocal Urethritis), Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Parasite infections like Trichomoniasis, and Candida Yeast.All of these can be contracted during unprotected sex, both anally and vaginally. If you are not in a strictly monogamous relationship, you MUST wear a condom. And remember, condoms were never approved as protection against ANY disease during anal sex. Oral sex can also give you a bacterial or yeast infection that can travel to your prostate or bladder.

    So, if you have ANY unprotected sex, get tested. Most doctors will perform at least 3 STD tests, since most STDs accompany each other in multiples. For more information on STDs go to the
    Symptoms page.

  4. Undiagnosed Cardiovascular Disease. The tiny blood vessels that supply the rush of blood necessary to correctly enlarge and harden the penis are very sensitive to cholesterol/hardened plague build up.When I first consult with a man experiencing erectile dysfunction, my mind goes to work to consider his whole health status. Has this man been on a long-term cardiovascular nutrition program? How long has he consumed cardiovascular foods and targeted nutrients, like Coenzyme Q10
    , Vitamin E , or Essential fatty acids
    , like Omega 3?

    Does he consume lots of carbs and saturated fats that are fueling a cholesterol and C reactive problem in his body? Does this man need a heart attack risk assessment by a licensed, nutritionally educated, cardiovascular specialist? Does he have blocked blood vessels or clogged coronary arteries, ready to rupture? Does the answers to my naturopathic questions reveal that he is presently at risk for a full blown heart attack and he doesnt even know it?

    Trust me, dear friends; erectile dysfunction can be one of the first signs of cardiovascular disease. Chelation therapy can be a viable alternative to coronary bypass surgery and is being utilized by forward thinking doctors and patients as a means to flush out cholesterol and plague from arteries to prevent some blood clots and arterial ruptures. In the future, I see chelation therapy as common maintenance, like getting your teeth cleaned, to prevent heart attacks. Go to my
    Heart Attack and
    Heart Attack Prevention pages to learn more.

Take heartstallion, 99% of physically disrupted erectile dysfunction problems can be solved?

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