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Twisting of the testicle

  1. Causes twisting of the testicle
  2. The prevalence of the disease
  3. Symptoms of torsion of the testicle
  4. Diagnosis and treatment of torsion of the testicle

Torsion of the testis

it is a pathological torsion of the spermatic cord. It is provoked by turning the folds between testicular and appendage. This in turn leads to the infringement or necrosis of the testicle. There are two forms of the disease vallagarina torsion of the testis and vnutrivlagalischnye. The first form, diagnosed before the age of the year, and the second is more common in children than in adults.

Causes twisting of the testicle

Torsion of the testicle often provoke bruises and injuries of the scrotum, and the abdominal tension, sudden movements. Abrupt movements should be a reflex contraction of the muscle, lifting the testicle. In that case, if the attachment of the testicle to the bottom of the scrotum is insufficient, can be broken mutual fixation. This phenomenon leads to the separation of these entities.

The egg may be subjected to twisting and malformations that are associated with the violation of its migration into the scrotum.

The prevalence of the disease

The detection rate of twisting of the testis in the departments of urology is 1 in 500 patients. 20% of the diseases detected in the first 10 years of the boy’s life. At the age of 10 years and up to puberty reveal torsion of the testis in 50%.

Symptoms of torsion of the testicle

The symptoms of this disease is quite acute. These include

  • sharp pain in testicle
  • nausea, vomiting
  • collaptoid state
  • the presence of significant edema or even seal the relevant part of the scrotum
  • high fever
  • increased frequency of urination.

Diagnosis and treatment of torsion of the testicle

For proper diagnosis of the disease need to carefully collect medical history. Also necessarily examined the abdomen, genitals, and performed a rectal examination. Special attention will be paid to the diagnosis of the presence or absence of discharge from the urethra. It is important to conduct and ultrasound. Also is Doppler blood vessels of the testicle.

In the first hours after the problem occurred torsion of the testis can successfully eliminate 2-3% of patients. For this purpose, the outer hand decorsia egg. However, if it does not produce results, it is necessary to carry out surgical treatment. In that case, if ultrasound is not possible, also shows surgery. The choice of access to the hearth of the disease depends on the age of the patient. Newborns and infants use the inguinal access. The older children and adults use the access through the scrotum.

After surgery mandatory physiotherapy, as well as drugs that normalize microcirculation at the site of injury. Daily anesthetized the spermatic cord.

Diagnosed with torsion of the testis should consult a pediatric urologist. In order to schedule an appointment with a good specialist, you need to go to the website

. Here you will always find the best specialists that will help you to assign proper and effective treatment.