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the most common disease sexually transmitted. It is caused by the microorganism Trichomonas (Trichomonas vaginalis) which, when applied to the human body, a parasite in the urogenital system. In vitro infection with Trichomonas can not long exist. The influence of temperatures above forty degrees is disastrous for it. She also killed by exposure to disinfectants and drying. In the female body, the bacterium multiplies in the vagina and the bladder. In the male it lives in the urethra, prostate and seminal vesicles.

Because of the peculiarities of this infection is to create a favourable environment for other bacteria, the disease rarely occurs without concomitant diseases. Most often it is accompanied by gonorrhea, candidiasis, mycoplasmosis and others. Treatment of these diseases will not give a positive effect, if not to spend treatment of trichomoniasis.


This infection is classified in the course of illness and is divided into the following forms

  • (provided that the disease progresses in the body is not more than 2 months)
  • chronic indolent form, which is diagnosed when the condition that the disease duration more than 2 months
  • trihomonadonositelstvo form in which no symptoms but the infection is present in the body and is transmitted from the carrier through intercourse.


Causes of trichomoniasis

  • the infection is transmitted sexually from an infected partner to a healthy one. The risk of infection 100%
  • in some cases, the disease is transmitted through personal or intimate hygiene items (towel, underwear).

The infection can be carried out repeatedly, as the immunity to this disease is not formed.


The incubation period of this disease can take anywhere from 3 days to 1 month. It depends on the General condition of the patient.

In women with Trichomonas the symptoms are as follows

  • the presence of precipitates, resembling foam. Allocations of inherent gray-yellow color and an unpleasant fishy smell
  • the presence of itching, burning and swelling in the area of the external genitalia
  • pain during urination
  • during intercourse often have an uncomfortable and pain.

In most of the cases in men, the disease does not manifest itself, but sometimes you experience the following symptoms

  • pain when emptying bladder
  • the presence of itching and burning in the glans penis (inflammation in the urethra)
  • the presence of vaginal bleeding in the urine and seminal fluid
  • foamy discharge in a small amount from the urethra
  • constant feeling of fullness of the bladder (the constant desire for its evacuation).


Depending on the area of progression, the disease may affect the development of complications.

Trichomoniasis in women causes the following complications

  • the inflammatory process in the area of the perineum
  • vulvitis (inflammation of the external genital organs)
  • swelling of the labia
  • sceneit disease characterized by inflammatory process in the area of paraurethral glands
  • bartholinitis (inflammation of the large gland vestibule of the vagina)
  • cystitis inflammation of the bladder, accompanied by painful sensations during urination
  • inflammation of the appendages, ovaries and fallopian tubes
  • inflammation of the inner layer of the uterus (endometritis)
  • the pregnancy may end in premature birth or spontaneous abortion.

In men, there are the following complications of trichomoniasis

  • inflammation in the urethra, a stricture (urethritis)
  • cystitis inflammation of the bladder, accompanied by painful sensations during urination
  • inflammation of the prostate gland (prostatitis)
  • infertility due to the decrease in sperm motility.


For correct diagnosis it is necessary to take some measures

  • be examined by a specialist (women at the gynecologist, men at the urologist)
  • colposcopy is a procedure where a special instrument study the entrance and the walls of the vagina
  • urethroscopy procedure where with the help of a special device examine the urethra
  • laboratory studies of blood, saliva or secretions from the genital organs for the presence of virus or infection (PCR polymer chain reaction) examination of secretions from the genitals with a microscope for the presence of the causative agent of bacterial seeding through the creation of favorable conditions for biological material (taken from the vagina), it is grown with the purpose of further study with a microscope and for determination of medical drugs to which the microorganisms are most sensitive.


Upon confirmation of hepatitis C treatment should start immediately and for both partners.

Throughout treatment it is important to remember

  • the personal hygiene
  • daily change of linen and towels
  • abstinence from sexual relations without contraceptives such as a condom (ideally it is better to abstain from sex during treatment)
  • the abstinence from alcohol, as it blocks the action of antibacterial drugs
  • compliance with diet (avoiding spicy, salty, oily).

When Trichomonas treatment with the following medicines

  • Antibacterials to fight infection
  • immunomodulators drugs, which increases immunity, promotes rapid healing of damage caused by the disease
  • adaptogens tonic preparations.

If the disease became chronic, then use the following treatment methods

  • men massage prostate
  • the introduction of liquid medication into the urethra
  • ultraviolet radiation to stimulate the processes of regeneration and destroy the infection
  • women spend warming up the vagina with a special tampons with paraffin, peat or sludge
  • magnetic field therapy.

It is also worth to remember that prevent any disease is easier than to take his medication. To avoid this infection is to abstain from sexual relations with questionable partners, to use condoms and to have personal hygiene.