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Treatment of varicose veins laser

  1. Removal of varicose veins laser
  2. Recovery after laser treatment

    Varicose veins is a venous disease in which veins grow, expand and lose their elasticity. The disease affects veins of the lower extremities, rectum and spermatic cord. The development of varicose veins occurs when the conditions or diseases that impede normal blood flow through the venous system of the permanent long stay on his feet because of professional activities, pregnancy, disease obstruction of the deep veins of the pelvis or thigh. Varices can also occur when congenital weakness of the vein walls and failure of venous valves.

    Varicose veins appear or speak under the skin in the form of varices. The skin over them becomes thin due to poor nutrition and can be easily damaged with minor injuries. On the skin appear dark brown or brown spots, it is smooth and shiny, solid. If varices are not treated, over time appear on the skin sores.

    Varicose veins can cause edema of the lower extremities in the evening. Occurs rapid foot fatigue when walking, pain and heaviness in the legs, which is aggravated by long standing or in the evening. With the development of varicose veins, limb swelling becomes larger, it becomes harder to walk, and then impossible. Because of the disease is poor circulation, inflammation and blood clot formation in blood vessels. Blood clots are life-threatening, as may at any time to disconnect and block major arteries. Modern medicine has developed several treatments for varicose veins, including laser surgery.

    Removal of varicose veins laser

    Varicose veins can be assigned to endovenous laser coagulation surgery laser and echo-sclerotherapy. Some patients have shown removal of varicose veins operational method under local anesthesia pinholes through the skin surface of miniphlebectomy. For removal of spider veins and subcutaneous veins can be applied microsclerotherapy.

    The laser energy absorbs the hemoglobin of red blood cells and within seconds it is converted to heat (95-100 degrees), which results in boiling of plasma and blood elements, occurs with thermal burns of the endothelium of the vein walls. In place of laser exposure creates a dense clot, and then the veins dissolve and become invisible. If vessels are large and located in several layers, the procedure must go again a month later.

    Treatment of varicose veins by laser refers to the operational methods, which is comparable to the treatment of disease without surgery because of its small trauma, no General anesthesia is strictly local effects of the laser on the wall of the varicose veins.

    Laser surgery is performed using ultrasound duplex scanner. Via a skin puncture into the lumen of the vein the doctor inserts a thin fiber. Radiation of a specific wavelength of laser, which is partially absorbed by the wall of the expanded veins seals the diseased vein. Clinics use a new generation laser, selectively acting on the walls of the veins without damaging the surrounding tissue.

    There are several benefits of varicose vein treatment laser

    • outpatient treatment the patient does not require hospitalization after the procedure can immediately go home
    • use of local anesthesia is not required General anesthesia or spinal anesthesia
    • short duration of procedure, laser treatment is done for 60-90 minutes, after which the patient can go home
    • proof cosmetic effect after varicose vein removal laser on the skin, leaves no marks, can sometimes occur dark strip of skin, disappearing through 23 months.

    After surgery varicose veins laser it is necessary to provide compression of the varicose veins that were treated.

    For this the patient wears compression stockings. They are thin, elastic and retain the required degree of pressure for a long time. To the location of large varices put special latex pads or cotton swabs. Immediately after treatment, the patient should walk for at least 45 kilometers. The walk must be alert and quick to the blood beginning to circulate well, and developed veins. After laser surgery in the first days is necessary to walk for hours every day.

    Recovery after laser treatment

    The patient must give up alcohol, Smoking, salty, spicy, fatty foods as it affects the walls of blood vessels.

    In diet to include more fresh vegetables and fruits, greens, nuts, fruit drinks, juices, purified water, green tea. The doctor can assign medicines to thin the blood and improve blood circulation.

    It is useful to contrast shower to improve tone of blood vessels and muscles, eliminate edema of the legs.

    A compression garment should be worn every day for 2 months.

    After treatment of varicose veins with laser required to undergo regular inspection of the vessels. Shown therapeutic gymnastics, Hiking, swimming, Biking. Should give up running, jumping, strength exercises in the gym, weightlifting, dancing, any kind of martial arts. Exercises should be performed every day at a moderate pace, with breaks for holidays. Its goal is to reduce the stagnation of blood in the veins, but not pump up the legs, so don’t overdo it. After a workout you need to lie down with raised legs at an angle of 90 degrees within a few minutes.

    Prevention of varicose veins

    To prevent varicose veins or at the early stages of the disease, need to be prevented. It is necessary to exclude all factors contributing to blood stagnation. If you have to sit a lot, the affected leg should be placed in a horizontal position. For this approach a low chair. Every 11.5 hours and need to take breaks, stand, walk or 1015 times tiptoe. You can go outside and walk. The muscles will begin to shrink, the blood circulation will accelerate and improve vascular tone. The same exercises are necessary if you spend a lot of time standing. The breaks have to do more frequently, every 4550 min. After work will be helpful to walk slowly, alternating quick with slow step. This is a great rest for the feet.

    In the evening put your feet up on the wall or the arm of the sofa, put a cushion, a pillow. This will relieve fatigue and prevent the formation of edema. Well relieves swelling a contrast shower, foot baths. In bath, you can add herbs, sea salt, aromatic oil, Apple cider vinegar. In the early stages of varicose veins is useful to put on feet relaxing cream or gel before bed. This eliminates the vascular mesh and protect against varicose veins. Effective are swimming lessons and water aerobics. They train the muscles of the legs, but it does not create such a load as running or jumping.

    Bandaging elastic bandage is indicated for the initial stages of varicose veins, or after laser treatment. The bandage is superimposed in the morning, lying on a raised foot, the foot need to be lifted at a right angle to the tibia. To put on a bandage you need from the base of the toes to the lower thigh or knee, leaving the heel open. To apply bandages need it pulling evenly except for the first and last of the bandaging, so that with each overlaying a bandage covered half the previous layer. The bandage or bandage can be replaced with an elastic stocking. It is sold in the pharmacy.

    To prevent varicose veins, and for the recovery of the legs after the treatment also includes physical therapy. Due to exercise improves circulation, increases the tone of vessels, machines of the veins are elastic. It is useful to make a circular motion of the feet, flexion and extension in ankle, knee and hip joint, exercise bike, birch. Do all the exercises you need on the back in the supine position. Then a little walk and rise on his toes. To complete the exercises need a cool shower and lie down with your feet raised up. At the first sign of varicose veins need to give up running, jumping, tennis, basketball, dance, weight training and uplifts the rod.