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Tonsillitis during pregnancy

  1. What is dangerous tonsillitis during pregnancy
  2. Of acute tonsillitis during pregnancy
  3. Treatment of tonsillitis during pregnancy

    Tonsillitis chronic inflammatory disease, manifested by constant pain and discomfort in the region of the tonsils. Usually a site of localization of inflammation becomes limfoglotochnogo ring that serves as a barrier to pathogens. Chronic tonsillitis during pregnancy can cause some harm to both mother and child.

    The main cause of this disease is rejection in the past from a full treatment of angina. Acute inflammation, developed in the tonsils, not the opposite of development and took chronic. Sometimes the cause of the problem is a long autoinfusion tissues of the tonsils from infection foci formed in the body of the patient. For example, pathogens are able to penetrate into the region of the pharyngeal ring of the cavities, and inflammation of the paranasal sinuses.

    What is dangerous tonsillitis during pregnancy

    The inflammatory process in the region of the tonsils in chronic tonsillitis can last for a very long time. The disease then calms down, then escalates, with symptoms of intoxication caused by metabolic products of bacteria. This process affects the nervous system arise drowsiness, lethargy, poor appetite, and in some cases even jumps in blood pressure. During the examination the doctor discovers in the gaps white cheesy tubes, which represent particles of dead tissue and white blood cells.

    The disease sometimes causes severe toxicosis on late terms of pregnancy. There is a risk of intrauterine infection of the fetus, as the germs from the tonsils into the bloodstream. In certain cases, the disease can even cause miscarriage.

    In addition, tonsillitis during pregnancy is usually accompanied by a weakened immune system. As a result, the body of the expectant mother is unable to properly resist various infections. There’s also the risk of premature birth or weak labor activity.

    To prevent the negative impact of this disease on the course of pregnancy, the expectant mother should eat a healthy diet and avoid hypothermia. Also it is necessary to visit doctors, in particular dentist in order to detect foci of infection in the body.

    Of acute tonsillitis during pregnancy

    To recognize exacerbation of tonsillitis is possible on such symptoms as high temperature, unpleasant sensations in the throat when attempting to swallow food or drink, aches throughout the body, weakness, very poor appetite. Occasionally the temperature has not increased, as a result the future mother treats the issue lightly and do not seek qualified help.

    Sometimes it is the pregnancy gives impetus to the exacerbation of chronic inflammatory process. A problem that had not been manifest and did not cause significant inconvenience suddenly becomes the cause of acute discomfort, both physical and mental. Depending on the degree of destruction of the glands secrete different forms of the disease. Angina may be catarrhal, lacunar, follicular, fibrinous, ulcerative-necrotic.

    Treatment of tonsillitis during pregnancy

    The best way to reduce all risks to a fetus to a minimum is planning pregnancy, implying a deliverance from a disease before conception. However, most women come on reception to the doctor, already having a child. When the expectant mother is put on the account, revealed a chronic inflammatory process in the tonsils.

    Upon hearing the diagnosis, do not prematurely worry and especially do not attempt to get rid of the disease dubious folk remedies. If there is an exacerbation of tonsillitis during pregnancy, an experienced doctor can prevent negative consequences for the fetus. Can be assigned the following activities

    • gargling with the decoction and infusions of herbs
    • lavage of tonsils by introducing gaps of the antiseptic solution
    • lubrication of gland antiseptic
    • local treatment with sprays.

    Treatment of tonsillitis during pregnancy is complicated by the fact that some effective means at this special time is strictly contraindicated. Banned physiotherapy, many antibiotics and antihistamines.

    Before to cure tonsillitis when pregnant, the doctor relates the use of a drug with the potential harm it can cause to a child. Choose the most gentle medicines that will improve the condition of the mother and not harm the baby.

    During exacerbation of the disease should stay in bed. It is recommended to drink plenty of fluids. The drinks will match the different fruit drinks and fresh juices, warm milk, tea with raspberries. You need to avoid food that irritates the throat, that is, from smoked, spicy and salty dishes. Priority should be on mashed potatoes and porridge, as they do not cause difficulties in swallowing.

    Antibiotics usually prescribed for purulent form of the disease. In the first trimester prescribers group of penicillins and second and third macrolides.

    Gargle in acute tonsillitis are held almost hourly. It uses Chlorhexidine, Miramistin, decoctions of herbs, salt solution.

    Surgical treatment of tonsillitis in pregnant women is performed only when conservative treatment has no effect, and with the development of complications. Removal of the tonsils is carried out in stationary conditions, under local anesthesia. In the last weeks of pregnancy the operation can not be done.